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Done - x3!  I specified no children present at my births, 'though there were children IN THE HOUSE at the last two, because they were not in the room.
My current youngest weaned at around 15 mos.  She's now just over 2, and she's sick.  I'm 7 mos. pregnant, and starting to get a bit of "leakage," so I think there's a chance I could produce a little something for her, to give her antibodies.  But I can't convince HER that I'm serious.  (Apparently, she doesn't really remember nursing.)  I know her mechanics are good, because she still drinks juice from a bottle and she has the "lip flange," etc.  But if I try to get her...
Have you found any healthy GF breads?  The ones I've found, so far, are mostly white starch.  If you know of a good one, I'd love a recommendation!   And *headslap* I keep forgetting about boiled eggs. I need to put a note on the fridge or something. lol
Can you distinguish them based on their movement?  Or just feel more movement?  This baby is ALL over the place.  The midwife even said she'd never felt so much movement while palpating before.  She'd get a "read" on a part, and as soon as she tried to call the other midwife over, babe would move.  Like watching aliens in my belly! lol  I have been curious if twin moms can tell that there are two distinct babies' movement. This feels a lot different than my other...
Bellydance!  I love Amira's prenatal bellydance/yoga video.  
Old Navy.  ON and Target are pretty much the only places that sell maternity clothes in my size at realistic prices.  My favorite basics are my jeans and t-shirts with the shirred side seams.  They're layerable, and so much more flattering (at least for me) than the tent-shaped tops.  
Rainbow Light here, too.  And, yes, several women I know have had issues with their prenatals making them nauseated, but none of them have had issues with the RL ones I've given them to try.
The OB's offices here (in VA) won't order them, either, unless you're paid up with them for a whole prenatal + delivery "package." Very frustrating.  But a midwife here can order one directly - they just write up an order and the local ultrasonographer's office will do it.   I had no U/S with my first baby.  Had one with the next two (because I'd had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and wanted to ensure babe was in the uterus where she belonged).  None with this...
I am not familiar with this test, but...does it specifically test the baby's levels, or does it test the overall levels in your body, including what the baby produces?  If it's the latter, I would guess that if your own estriol levels were low to start with, the total would also show low.  
I am GF for my first pregnancy.  (That is, this is not my first pregnancy, but I wasn't GF during past pregnancies.)  And I find that I am seriously coming up blank when it comes to anything to eat that doesn't take ages to cook/prepare and clean up from.  As I have three other children and have to do something besides just eat all day ;) I really need to find some grab-and-go options.  Problem is, things like fruits and veggies have too little fat and calories for my...
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