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My midwife did a different sort of glucose test.  I had to fast for eight hours (overnight, basically) and then eat a carb-loaded breakfast (not the thrill of my life, but certainly better than guzzling that sugary beverage ickiness) and then they drew blood.  I don't know what that test is called, but maybe you could request something like that as a follow-up?  
Maybe I shouldn't butt in here because I'm not in the situation.  (My parents were foster parents, though, so growing up I had siblings of all colors.)  We're all "different" in some way or another.  I mean, here at this forum, most of us are "weird" to most people around us because of the lifestyle choices we've made.  How do we prepare our children for reactions to that?  I would think it wouldn't be significantly different (in how you go about preparing your children...
I've never heard of an U/S causing heart problems.  But there is some evidence that the increased use of U/S (which includes Doppler) may be linked to the increase in autism.  I agree with this:   IMO, those are excellent questions to ask when deciding on the use of ANY test/evaluation/etc. (or even when deciding - for general purposes, I mean, not for birthing - whether to go to the doctor/hospital).
What's the "nub theory"?   I much prefer "Are you planning to find out the gender?" over "are you having a girl or a boy?"  At least it acknowledges that an u/s is not a given.  ('Though of course we are going to find out - duh.  At somewhere around 40 weeks. ;) )
If you're drinking it specifically because of the water retention, I'd stick with the dandelion (b/c of the potassium).  Nettle is in most pregnancy teas because of its other benefits, but Dr. Brewer (of Blue Ribbon Baby fame) says that diuretics are a no-no for pregnant women, as they can cause, increase, or interfere with the recognition of preeclampsia/toxemia.
I know, this topic comes up all the time, because it seems like every pregnant woman thinks she's carrying twins. ;) I have three daughters - all unassisted pregnancies and unassisted homebirths, and I didn't measure fundal height so I don't know how mine compares, but I *do* know I have fairly small babies (I'm under 100 lbs. when I'm not pregnant, and hubby's small, too) and I have a long torso, which apparently makes it easier for baby to "hide" and can make the...
Someone made reference in a thread (several years old) to an "MDC cookbook." Is this an actual, hard copy cookbook, or an online collection somewhere? Is it a finished thing, and, if so, how would I find it? Thanks!
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