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We are not there yet. With some things for us privacy is a privelage once trust is broken then you no longer have the right to privacy and have to earn it back.  I will not go through rooms unless I have reason to believe I need to, diaries I will not read unless I think I need to like to find out if they are depressed and things like that. For the most part your room is your room. I would not listen to phone calls as in picking up the other end. I am not a fan of...
I really think there can be a middle ground. I grew up without when it came to certain things because it wasn't in the family budget. But there were things that we got that happen to be the hot item that year or whatever. It sucked. It wasn't so much about being cool as much as we didn't always fit in and we lived in a small community so that is who you had to play with, didn't have a lot of options.    If she wants a music player doesn't mean it has to be a...
DD was around 9/9.5 months. She had tons of drool, gnawing on everything she possibly could. Up all night. We went through that part for months and no teeth. Then one day we were playing outside and she went for a rock I went to grab it and OMG there were two teeth on her bottom..lol Now we are back to drooling and gnawing on everything so far nights have been okay. But I think she is getting some top ones. (she is 11 months). 
Rarely unless she is out for the night. I really do dread if she falls asleep in the car the last few minutes before getting home since its enough of a power nap to give her a recharge. Any type of naps that done in the car, or not in her crib just mess with her sleeping.
I could see  myself getting annoyed but it wouldn't be so much at the mother for allowing different rules. I would use it as a way to tell my kids life isn't fair I am your mom and in this situation what I say goes. Some things are/will be debatable others its a do as I say type situation. And so thats why I wouldn't avoid going places on other's rules alone.       
You parent the way you parent and let them parent the way they parent. No need to say anything. People have rules that they feel should be followed no matter where they are. Some have stricter rules out in public then what they would maybe at home. I think when it comes to terms of respecting other people stuff/people at their house its best to try to be on top of it even if it isn't something you generally do. Or just avoid going to their house which I probably wouldn't...
I personally am not a fan of babies in theaters unless its geared towards kids like Toy Story and movies like that.    I personally don't feel its appropriate but I know many do. I would say a mid day one would be best since a lot of people bring kids to those ones.       
DD has had to have a blanket from the start and her face covered. I stopped worrying so much once I seen she could move it herself. 
I wouldn't say anything. More so because your not close to her.
Doppler but I don't see it as a big deal. 
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