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The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my second. I was sick the whole time, to the point where my drs. would say, "Jaime, women don't normally have m/s their whole pregnancy." Almost like they thought I was making it up and wanted to keep popping zofran??? Anyway, I was so looking forward to giving birth because then, my m/s would FINALLY be over. Nope, gave birth, continued getting sick, and it just got worse. Ended up being a spastic gallbladder (no...
If you travel, it may come in handy. The only time I ever use mine is if we travel. And that is only because at my dad's and my in-law's, dh and sleep on a double bed... There is barely enough room for the two of us let alone a squirmy baby And if you stay at hotels, it is a lifesaver there!
Just as an aside... If some states- Virginia being one of them, public profanity is illegal, a misdeamor if charged... I wonder if a shirt would fall under that? I don't know where everyone is from, but it might be an important note to point out
I would stick with the backpack and leave the stroller at home. A lot of places aren't stroller friendly (depending on what stuff you do). Can you call your airline and see if they will check the backpack at the gate so that you can carry dc in til you get to the gate Have a great trip!!!
YES I did this with my eldest from the day she was born until she was a round 6-7 months old and started squirming too much for anyone to be comfortable in bed, and have been doing this with my 5 1/2 month old from day one Sleep is so much better, and you tend to be hypersensitive when it comes to waking if the baby is moving. As long as you are following safe co-sleeping practices, no heavy blankets, no big pillows, firm mattress, don't co-sleep if you have had a lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by Colorful~Mama and you don't have to give them cereal at all either if you dont' want to. Plenty of folks skip it altogether and go straight to a fruit or veggie to try for first food ITA!!! In general, baby cereal is pretty gross I would skip it when you do start
Best if you don't start *at least* until between 6-7 months. For the first year, breastmilk (or formula for those who go that route) is the only thing a baby needs, and the only thing that they get nourishment from. The earlier you start cereal, the greater the risk of food allergies and other conditions such as Type I Diabetes and obesity. Before 6 months, the baby's digestive system is not mature enough to handle things other than bm, and problems can arise. ...
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