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We found out we're having another girl.  DD#2. =)
I had mine today.  Baby is healthy, and we found out we're having another girl!  Seeing her was so enthralling.  I could have watched that blurry black screen for hours.  I sort of lament that we're not having a boy, even though I didn't want a boy more than a girl...it's weird.
I've been having BH contractions since 7 weeks pregnant.  Mine are just tightening, but with big rushes of hormones, no cramping.  My midwife said it's normal.  She also said that we always have uterine contractions, but they are more noticeable during pregnancy.  I had them as frequent as every 10 minutes some days during 2nd and 3rd trimesters last pregnancy.
I'm in Austin, too.  I found that it helps to turn the AC a little lower than normal...even though we're having energy shortages.  Just going outside for a while can really zap your energy.  Even longer car rides with the AC on can make you really tired.  Making it a little cooler also helps with nausea.  Basically, I think the heat during pregnancy that makes you extra sick and tired, but I've been blaming everything on the heat, lately.
17 weeks, 8-9 pounds.
So sorry for you loss.  Take good care of yourself.
For me, I start caring when I think of effort to savings ratio.  To me, it's not a big effort to not buy coffee every time I'm out, even though I want to, saving probably... $20/month.  But it is a big effort for me to shop around and stock up on a bunch of stuff in order to save $20/month.  So, if it's something I feel like I can easily do something to save a little money, I do it, and I think it adds up.   I don't think saving $20, 50, or 100 makes a "difference"...
I would try contacting chiropractors and seeing if anyone will work with you and your budget.  Hopefully, you can find someone who won't let you suffer just because you can't make the full payment.  Also, double check your health insurance to see if there is a way to cover at least a portion of costs.  Hoping you find a solution and some comfort soon.
I'm buying nursing bras in a slightly loose cup size.  My band size never changed last pregnancy.  My boobs grew during pregnancy, but slowly shrank back while I was nursing, so I figure I'll get pregnancy use and then nursing use.
Me too. 12 weeks, still puking.  Last pregnancy, m/s didn't go away until week 17.  But second trimester was awesome! And third was easier than first, compared to being sick all the time.
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