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yoga/birth ball pillow 135 girls clothes, shoes 6 of my shirts scissors pillowcase 3 baby hats rag toy underwear 6 kids clothes 24 baby newborn clothes 5 newborn covers -new baby blanket gifted to us -someone gave us a Wii, not sure if we are keeping it -shorts and underwear given to us -plant given to me -car mat -shoes -rocking chair -2 bath toys, 2 kids clothes, 2 toys, 2 coloring books, 1 card game, 2 ice packs (in package from...
What about minimalist kids wardrobes? I am thinking I am going to aim for 7 days of outfits for each person, for each season. Plus 1 pair of shoes per person, per season, 1 jacket, 1 winter coat. I think this is completely reasonable but I am having a hard time deciding on which 7 shirts, for example. It's pretty hard for some reason! Any one else have a similar system or tips on how you decided which to keep if you love all your kids clothes?  
Hi :) I'm definitely not a minimalist yet, and I think there are many more like us here in this group. But that's why we are here, to try to get closer to that goal! We are going to unschool too and I am finding the same thing hard. Mostly holding onto books that are for "some day." I think Anya is right, the library (and internet) will suffice. Especially since we have both a public library here and a university one that anyone can use. I think I'll go take a second...
wp - you're doing great :) I know it's really hard if your family doesn't support your goals! Managing a lot of stuff is really hard work, but that's why we are all doing this. You will get there! I think maybe my partner didn't understand at first, but after awhile he has really started to understand how much better it is to have less things. Just lead by example and I bet he will come around :)  
I know! I am so excited by how well it works lol! It seriously looks white again!
My 3 year old likes the Toca Boca apps, Peek-a-boo barn and peek-a-boo wild, Bugs and Buttons, Dr. Suess Band, Doodle buddy is a free drawing one, there are almost all the classic Dr. Suess books on there, they are pretty good, it will read the story to you or not if you want to read it outloud yourself.  
I tried a pumice stone on the toilet today and it worked great! So excited to have a non chemical option :)
Does anyone know which kind of sutures are best to request for a C section? Which shape I mean? I know suturing is better than staples.  
Awesome! Thanks for posting :)  
or when you have nothing left and are naked :P   ETA: although maybe that would work out fine for some people! lol :)
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