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I can't even make a phone call because my kids are insane and won't stop screaming every time I try to make a phone call.
we live on the border of 2 states and the midwives are only licensed in the other state, so if we want a midwife, we can't stay home. there might be a bed and breakfast available, but maybe not, because we have no idea when the baby is going to be born. And I went and looked at it, and it's not very comfortable- the bed and the couches were just not comfortable. I am going to call around to other bed and breakfasts on the other side of the border, and see if any others...
 I guess it's always good to be aware it can happen and to be prepared mentally for it, but it doesn't happen to everyone. Neither has happened to me for either of my births. I always get diarrhea at the start of labor, so maybe that explains that part of it. I was nauseated last time but didn't actually throw up.
 I think this is pretty common, after my hospital births all they had available was like, gross canned chicken broth, jello, juice, etc
My last was born at 42 wks, and that would put me at September 4th. Either way, I don't expect a baby anytime soon :P
yes you are completely right, good idea. thank you :)  
Hi everyone, Her dad is like 5-6 hours away right now I believe so he's unavailable and even out of cell phone range. A video is a good idea, but since she is just laying there, it probably wouldn't prove much. One could say it just shows a tired child. I should have gotten her talking about how felt this morning and showed the thermometer on camera. She seemed much better around mid day after an epsom salt bath and some arnica, and then later tylenol.  now she's been...
I called her doctor again, he thought the chest pain was "normal" and probably from her muscles being sore from the fever. They said I can bring her in if I want or ride it out at home, that it was my call. Her breathing seems really normal right now, so I bet its sore muscles too. This whole thing has been stressful nonetheless. I hope this will make her dad takes vaccines more seriously.  
I just took it again, it's the same- she's awake now. She says her chest hurts when she breathes and she just hurts all over.
yes IVP. I don't know if she had a reaction before. Her dad was vaccinating her without telling me, several times. She's had a reaction to the varicella vaccine, but much more mild.   the doctor said her fever is high enough that it's a reaction they have to report. I'm waiting for her to wake up to see how she is feeling and then the doctor wants me to call again.  
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