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new things: 9 diaper covers photo album 2 tablecloths 2 super hero masks 2 pair sunglasses 1 tutu 1 jar of rocks 2 pair sandals 32 clothing/shoes items ^ all sent by mom in the mail   volleyball plaque 4 bath toys skirt 3 garden things 4 toys 14 clothes cosleeper cookbook plant/plant pot     things that left the house: 2 playground balls 5 bathroom things 1 sander 1 little backpack bag toilet gasket replacement a...
  You can count anything you want :) And especially since it's going to free up a lot of space in your house and it's been there awhile, I'd count it.
We got rats because our kids wanted a dog, but a new dog seemed like an overwhelming amount of work for me on top of the kids- rats are like the dogs of the rodent world- really social and smart and they actually like to sit on your lap and cuddle.  But they are way way easier to take care of than a dog :)
Oh I wouldn't be able to kill it either. Especially since we have pet rats lol. I always use live traps if the need ever arises.
Yoga balls are great for birth too!  
Things that left the house: jeans 2 serving dishes 1 router box 6 bath toys electric razor shirt traffic signs lantern 5lb weight flip flops nalgene firefighter helmet crayons window stick diaper cover ice pack maternity pants twin sheet robe bowl socks playdough thing (28)   Things that came in the house: (from my last and final trip to my grandma's house to help her move) 2 swim rings 2 shirts bike 2 pair...
I would like to do this!
Hi, Thank you both for your replies. We did have the appointment but did not do any vaccinations since we were not in agreement yet.   I found out she 'needs' an IPV, MMR, varivax and Hep A vaccination.  The doctor said she was totally fine with spreading them out and doing 1 per visit, about a month apart.   That;s great to know about the MMR- I will definitely bring it up. Thanks!  
gone: 5 more plates 2 boxes medical supplies diaper cover (need to pick out 2 more to get rid of) AIO diaper that is literally falling apart   things that came in the house: 2 toys that make bubbles toy airplane hat 1 diaper cover 5 cloth inserts   we own 540 less things than we did on Jan 1st.   sold 12 of the dishes! $30 more to add to the total! $328.50   The get rid of/sell pile is down to just one box! yay
Have any of you managed to do this with little kids in the house?  I would love to donate our bookshelf of books and just use the libraries here- however it seems like far too often we accidentally damage a book and end up paying for it. They will charge for the whole book even if its like.. you dropped water on a page. I find it very hard to keep young kids (2.5 yrs old for example) from bending pages, etc. Of course we try to teach them to be careful.  Is using the...
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