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Lisanne - It should still work for you.  Even though you have vaccinated some, your religious beliefs are allowed to change over time.  If you are questioned... Your religious beliefs have changed since you vaccinated, and presently your beliefs prevent you from vaccinating further.
I chose to be as vague as possible when writing mine.  From what I read about religious exemptions in other states, for some states you have to be very vague so that you are not associated with a "mainstream" religion because none of them actually prohibit the use of vaccines. 
This is not word for word... but I basically said Our bodies were made perfect in God's image and because our bodies were made to be temples, the injection of any foreign substance goes against my religious beliefs.  God is the only source of protection that we accept as a family.
I have sent in my exemption, and had it approved.  I also emailed a few of our state officials.  Today I got a response back that the exemption change was not something that was voted on, but instead came from the Health dept, and that the health department would email me back answering my questions about the change.   *Edited to add*  There were over 3000 philosophical exemptions last school year.  That's a large number of families that need to stand up and fight...
Has anyone wrote one of these letters yet?  Is it better to be very vague, or am I supposed to get detailed as to my religious beliefs and how they prevent me from vaxing?
I have Leah Hernandez's contact info.  Message me and I will send it to you.
Does anyone know of any doulas in the Amarillo area?
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