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Hello! I haven't been here in awhile but I have a question for a friend. She's having trouble getting past thd breast vs. bottle debate to find an answer so I thought I'd try asking for her here. Her 9 y/o son was uncomfortable around breastfeeding when he was 5 when the last sibling was born. A new baby is due in a couple months and she would like some tips on helping him not be uncomfortable with it and so he can be comfortable in his home. TIA
Ladies, I apologize. I do not get on here much anymore, so did not realize I'd gotten replies. I checked back initially, though, so I'm surprised I did not see vtfiver's post. Since you asked first, let me know if you still want them. If not, I will send them to Tia Ruck. The best way to reach me is via email. My email address is indigomomma@yahoo.com.   thanks! Kara
My diaper making days are loooong over. :) And I have a home-made fitted pattern and diaper cover pattern to give away. I posted in the TP if anyone is interested.
I just posted in the Free to Good Home forum that I have some patterns to give away. Maternity, newborn/infant, toddler, 4-6x (girls) Just sayin' :)
It'll be interesting to see how she fares (I'm guessing way better, like the mama who said her 3 y/o would knock socks off with her mad interview skillz ;) ) compared to the prepped babies if you continue with the AP style instead of the sanctioned play groups. If she blows everybody away, maybe you will start a trend in your area! :)
Patterns:   McCall's girls size 4-6 short-sleeved dress w/pinafore   Simplicity girls size 2-6x short or long-sleeved dress, pleated   Butterick girls size 2-5 short or no sleeves flower girl dress   Simplicity girls size 2-4 mock turtleneck, long-sleeved crew neck, skirt, pants, jumper   McCall's Infant sm-xl costume (dog, bear, duck)   Butterick infant newborn-large short or long-sleeved dress, hat   Diaper cover newborn to...
I've posted in FFS regarding old issues of these mags as well if anyone is interested.
Hello, midwives and aspiring midwives! I have some issues of Midwifery Today from 1988-1997 if any of you think you can get some use out of them, even if from an "historical" perspective. ::smirk:: I posted about them in the ffs forum, but thought I'd crosspost here since you may not look there. Please pm me if you'd like them.
Why? Do you have to be over 60 posts to go to the Trading Post? Send me a pm or an email and we can work something out.
I had to take in some of my dd's pants and/or buy tight-fitting leggings and teeny tiny undies when I was ECing her. I just wanted you ladies to know that I am now passing that clothing on if you are interested. I've posted about it in the TP.
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