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DS is only 38 lbs and has only gained 2 lbs in the last year, so I think he'll be harnessed for a while. He's 43.5" tall, so average height for his age I think. He could easily stay in his Maestro - just don't think it's narrow enough to allow for adult passenger with two seats in the back of our 08 Santa Fe. If the Harmony Defender was avail in Canada, would that be a better choice for him over a Radian? I just bought two RXTs at a local shop last night (they honoured a...
Thanks for the reply. If my DS is 5.5 I'm hoping he wouldn't need another seat before a booster? And was counting on using it as a booster to help justify the price (though the sell easily 2nd hand here). I guess I have more thinking/researching to do... Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
Any help anyone? Going to local store tomorrow and might try to take advantage of Sears sale on R100 if it's the right seat for one of our two. Thanks in advance. Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
Hi there, I'm now seriously considering one or two Diono seats, if we can then have an adult passenger in the backseat of our 2008 Santa Fe, with DS ff (5.5 yrs, 38 lbs, 43") and DD rf (13months, 23 lbs, av height). There's a local shop that sells them at the same price as amazon, that will let us try them in the car first. Just wondering which of the models I should consider for DS and DD? Same or different? (Assuming price wasn't an issue). Thanks Sent from my...
Yay! Safety 1st just agreed to send us a Complete Air instead of the Alpha Omega. DS will fit in it but will likely try with DD rear-facing first. Will give us a chance to try it rear-racing for her, to help decide if we'll get another for DH's car when she outgrows her SafeSeat. Thanks for all the help! Interesting though that the rep said that the negative reviews were all down to a tester using the wrong sized child/ dummy to test the booster mode... Which of course I...
I'm going to call first thing in the morning to ask for the Complete Air instead of Alpha Omega and if they won't go for that I could always ask for $$ towards a seat from someone else? Though I know I could just sell the Alpha Omega they are willing to send us. Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
Sorry, me again Two things: 1) I like the idea of selling the seat, new in box but do I feel any need to warn buyer about less-appealing features of the seat? Or is it just buyer beware? 2) I am thinking of calling Dorel back first thing Monday to see if we can get a Safety 1st Complete air instead? It doesn't go to a booster, but if it harnesses to 65 lbs (with my lightweight kids) that would go to age 6+ anyway I'd be happy with that amount of use. Assuming this is a...
Also interested to know what makes the Alpha Omega a terrible booster? (Trying to learn all I can in this process). We would only need it for my DD from age 15m+ or so, so fit for an infant doesn't bother me. Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
Thanks - I'd love some suggestions. I have a Graco MyRide 65 coming from amazon.ca (I'm in Canada) for our DD to use when she outgrows her SafeSeat (at 30 lbs). Looked for something narrow-ish - hoping to fit her rf and DS ff in a harness to booster seat with enough room for a passenger in our 08 Santa Fe, if possible. Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
Heard back from them again - the Alpha Omega is the only replacement option - just in 3 different colours. We haven't loved our Apex 65 so maybe they'll be about the same? Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
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