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I'm one of those Canadians who must be hated on these boards... As I get a year's maternity leave. I'm due the 21st but I think the 16 th is more accurate (and my 20 week u/s agreed) so I'm thinking of working up until the 4th. I won't even go into the details of what I'm paid on leave - I'm constantly shocked and disappointed by the other leave details I read about.
Hi All, Bit of a nervous morning for me... Brown spotting when I woke up. Have appt with dr today (already scheduled) and I'm at 15w1d I think. Just haven't felt sure this time around (I know I'm not the only one...) and with feeling crappy for the last 6 weeks or so including bouts of constipation and then diarrhea... Just wish I felt better and felt sure of what was going on. Not having gained more than a pound or so and still wearing my regular clothes makes me worry...
I've had a rough few weeks after feeling better earlier on. I was on prometrium up until about 11 weeks (stopped a week early as I thought it was adding to the problem), and my dr thought I'd feel better in a few days of stopping. Not so! Right now my complaints are mostly constipation, nausea and throwing up a few times. Yesterday morning I threw up when I started gagging but didn't feel sick to my stomach (if that makes sense), another time it happened after brushing...
Glad to know that I'm not the only one who isn't showing yet! I keep checking the belly shots thread and feel completely out of place. I don't think I've gained a pound (and had lost some originally, as I did with my son), and am not tiny to start with (182 at 5'5"). But at 14w2d I would feel reassured to see that something was happening if my clothes were fitting differently. Maybe in the next few weeks? After several losses, I need more reassurance maybe, and am...
#2 will arrive just before my 40th birthday
I'm definitely in the not-showing-yet camp. So much so that on Tuesday of this week a med student at my appt (at 9 weeks) said he was going to take my blood pressure and measure me and I said "measuring what? Trust me there's nothing here to measure". So he didn't
Hi there, So I clearly did not keep up with this thread. Sadly, I'm not due in June anymore, but my info can be edited to read 'due with #2 mid-Nov/11'. Glad to have a new date to replace the old one with I have lots of reading to catch up on! Karen
Thanks for the good ideas. Will definitely try the cucumber/citrus water. I'm not feeling sick at all, just tired of plain water and sometimes have nothing because there's nothing else to choose from.
Hmm...  I may not be the one to ask as we didn't want to know the sex with DS and don't want to find out with #2 either... I like the whole "9 months of mystery" aspect of pregnancy.
Thanks for the link. According to the day 19 info -- my 3500ish number would be well above the middle number of 607... so definitely in the top half of the group. And if I'm guessing that I was closer to 24 days past ovulation on Friday, then I'm still above the middle of 3437. Can't wait to get results from repeat beta, which will be drawn tomorrow.
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