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yeah it itches.  my appointment got rescheduled so i'm still in the dark about it.  
At first I thought I was dealing with a heat rash, because it was hot last week and we don't have air conditioning,  but then it kind of went away and its been cool the past couple of days, this morning it's back and its itchy.  There isn't any symptoms (he is a tiny warm) and there hasn't been any changes in diet or detergents, soap, etc.  He's 6, I'm not sure what it could be, it feels pimply but its not pimples obviously.   It's only on his sides.  what do you...
i'm getting two of my wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow, and i will be awake during the procedure.  i'm so scared because i havent had so much as a cavity before so my dental experience is zero.  i keep having panic attacks over this, my dentist does hypnotherapy for anxiety so i hope it works.     i'm not worried about recovery pain, just worried about feeling something during it.   tell me i'm overreacting. :)  
Why homeschool? I love spending all day with my son, he's my best friend.  I love that I can choose what he gets to learn, based on our personal beliefs and what I feel is a priority, and  I also love that he is safe with me :)  
hi! we are moving to vilseck this summer and i was just wondering if anyone was close by? :)  
interested! my son cohen age 5. it was so much fun last year!  
can you tell me a little about the area?  i know there is no trader joes, wegmans or whole foods.  whats the homeschool community like there?  
I don't think the name Violet is weird, I thought it was common, it's my  first pick either Violet alone or Ava-Violet.  My other name that has been on my mind forever is Foxly or Foxlynn and also Salem for a little lady. :)   Jasper or Oscar for a boy.    
we have a fantastic pool where i live and the kid section is so much fun and stuff and he is terrified!  even if you're holding him he will scream like you are murdering him, he will only want to stand in the baby pool thats like 3 inches of water.  he loves baths though, its so weird.  i want to help him get over his fear of the pool this is the 3rd year hes gone and freaks out, though hes only gone 3 times before this so is it just that hes not familiar?  nothing else...
have any of you ladies had a wisdom tooth come in? or a similar problem... my throat has been hurting for two days (less today now it only hurts when I swallow) and my ears hurt a little but I noticed last night a huge pea sized lump on my gum behind my last tooth like where a wisdom tooth would be. it doesn't hurt its basically numb but its annoying. could it just be a wisdom tooth starting? I'm sure my sore throat is unrelated    i can't go to the doc or store...
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