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Idk how healthy this is, I'm sure it can be modified to be so but its SO GOOD. and not very sloppy which I love! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/r...ipe/index.html
my husband came home from iraq last week for two weeks, and it was coincidentally around time of ovulation, i hope i am cos i won't get another change til end of september! ahhh.
Quote: Originally Posted by lonegirl I have been taking Tyr to Gymboree once a week for about a year now. He is in ArtIII now. He loves it and looks forward to it each week. We go about 15-20m early so he can do some free play in the gym area (they change it up every other week). We also do swimming lessons once a week (since about 18m) Thanks everyone for your replies, what are the pricings like at gymboree website doesn't say?
I was raised in Europe even though I'm an American so my parents are very anal about being bundled up, always having babies in an undershirt even in the house etc! I'm not as particular but I still think its weird to see children not bundled all the way always. People should keep their opinions to yourself though, sorry people are being rude.
I get this ALL THE TIME! I have green eyes, dark olive complexion and dark brown hair, from what I hear I'm very "exotic looking" being half lebanese and half african american My husband is polish, blonde hair (dirty blonde) and blue eyes and white but tans very nicely and easily. My son however is the fairest skin child ever, and his hair is so blonde it's almost white and he has big blue eyes. He's so beautiful! people always are so surprised that he's mine and...
Do you have your child in anything such as tumbling, art classes, etc? If so which do you think are best? Any of you use places such as gymboree or little gym? I was thinking of putting mine in the 3 year old soccer ones at the YMCA just so he can get out and about and running around with kids his age. What are your thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr Loved this episode. Especially seeing Bailey just starting out and the dynamic between Richard/ Ellis. I've really liked this season and suprisingly don't miss Izzie at all, they have brought in some more great characters to fill the void. yeah that!
Thanks !!
I tweet so much! Just rambling really nothing too exciting @violetunicorns !
I have the same problem, I mean I've been wearing makeup everyday since I was in 8th grade, not just half butt makeup but the whole shebang, false lashes and every stage of beauty process possible. Even to get gas I do and even when I go to the gym. I'm not even insecure really I just love knowing that I look great all the time. I thrive on getting second looks and being hit on by guys even though I don't want anyone else I just need it, and I know it's an issue and...
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