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  Thank you for all of the info!  He doesn't nap and usually goes to bed fine, but sometimes ds has night terrors it only happens like once or twice a month and nothing calms him down during or after so I would only use it then.  I wasn't aware of all of those risks I've heard a lot of good things about it on here so thanks for telling me.    
we've tried valerian root, it didn't work so now i wanna try melatonin for a good nights rest.  i've also read that giving probiotics to your child can help with behavior and overall health so what brand do you give?  
according to that we are exactly at "livable" wage.  but it seems like the number is really low for my area.  
i got really excited to see this!  
when i'm in a thread and click subscribe, it doesn't do anything.  i use safari, is this a safari problem? cos i've never tried on this before.  
is free-schooling the same as unschooling?  if its close to it then i'm there as well!  
you're right jeannine, thank you! :)    
Thanks for all your replies, it made me realize it was really common!  
Thank you ladies!  I found one meetup group near me, and on yahoo groups found an unschool group and a natural parenting group :)  
i love this thread!   definitely when i have a full pantry and fridge.   
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