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I'm gonna test the 6th
aw that warms my heart his teacher sounds like such a peach!  i'm glad your babe got fries after all!
so i homeschool my 4 year old, but times have gotten hard to where i can't be a sahm mom anymore, which i can't give up so my friend offered to pay me to watch her two kids (ages 4.5 and 14 months) i've done home daycare before but my ds was a baby.  how do i not let it interupt our schooling or work around it? how do i incorporate the other kids in it when they arent used to hs or anything? thanks!
yay so glad i found this thread
We're a one car family, I don't really like it but I'm used to it.  He works about 30 miles from where we live.  On days when I have someplace to be like an apt or whatever he'll get a ride or I'll get up at 4 am and drop him off at work but i hate waking up ds so I avoid that at all costs. 
this is exactly my marriage i do everything 100% all of the time and he thinks im being dramatic or lazy when i want like help or to go to the store alone, i feel ya
I don't know anyone up here who reads mothering or anything!  I seriously feel super alone!  We unschool as well, my son is 4, we should get together :)
just moved to Alexandria!
thanks so much, i'm not used to a sick child so i freak out whenever he is ha. i'm going to make a walgreens trip today and get the childrens culturelle thanks you two!
Four days ago he got his first stomach flu type thing and threw up for half the day. He never had a fever or anything, the next day he had diarrhea. Like green pure liquid kind, it's been about 3 days and it turned to a thickish slightly watery "dijon mustard" type. i'ts not too frequent and he's staying hydrated. He's acting fine besides an occasional stomach grab when it's time to go and doesn't have a fever. Anything I can do besides keeping him hydrated or...
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