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is 3 months old, and she bf full time, but says he chokes a lot while feeding, like its kind of hard to swallow and gets frustrated and stuff. Same with the bottle, he doesnt have a cleft lip or anything but would a haberman bottle help him? I feel like he needs less of a flow. Could anyone recomend some bottles or some bf tips for her. thanks! i never had problems so I have no clue!
I'll be up in Fort Belvoir in September! This is great news!
I actually felt really bad for albie, the scene with him and nikki totally broke my heart, for both of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by possum My almost 3 year old is 40 lbs and 40 inches tall. We do not own a stroller. Most of the time he walks, but I do carry him quite a bit. If we are going to be out (zoo, hike, etc) or I need my hands free (like to do shopping at the farmer's market) we take a carrier. My husband prefers a SSC, and I prefer a woven wrap. Both distribute his weight well and are quite comfortable. Melinda Mine is about...
lets say we went to the zoo, or a very long mall trip, or an amusement park. I can't have him walking the whole time, and I can't hold him on my hip the whole time. I can't use a stroller, because he's too tall and I don't really wanna (but if you have suggestions for portable ones for taller kids let me know) So what do you all do?
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali I just watched it yesterday. They did a good job. Did anyone cry at the end? I always cry at greys!
Thanks ya'll. Luckily it was an isolated incident but I got no sleep at all watching him waiting for it to happen again! Maybe he ate too much close to bed time.
just wanna say that... huge crush on bill paxton!
I had a whole paragraph about Janelle, but realized it would probably get me banned ha. She gave Farrah a run for her money. Seriously this show upsets me because it gives young moms a bad name, and they already have one. I never even did so much as hold a baby before I had mine and did everything completely alone, day, and every night, dealing with his dad going to jail and just dramaness. didn't even try to go out for "me time" til he was uhhh like two years old (i...
i LOVE this commercial hahah
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