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Everytime I was my 3yo hair, he freaks out when it's time to rinse, and won't put his head back for me to do it. I've used all kinds of tear free kids ones and he still says it hurts and starts crying. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 Do they carry through with it or just say it. If your child is just saying it, jump for joy. That's a huge developmental step. They've getting enough impulse control to not act on how they feel and they've got enough verbal skills to be pretty articulate about how mad they are. If the language bothers you, then simply reflect back what you think you're hearing. "You sound like you're furious right now, huh?" "I bet...
Thanks so much! I've set up for a free class at little gym to get more info, and a free class at our local gymnastic training facility (they have just a boys class). I'm still gonna do the soccer at the ymca too.
woohoo! can't wait!
I wanna know why Wanda freaked out, what happned with her a JJ? Whats with her creep parents! Also, Anas bf loooks like a scumbag, like he'd try to take all of Margenes money and stuff..
Is there really only 2 episodes left of the season??? Went by so fast omg
We got less cos of the deployment, but still alot, about 6k
I'm so sorry if this has been posted I seriously searched and didn't see anything on it, but I'm also new here and not quite sure how to work the boards so sorry if this is an obvious question. I remember hearing good things about it a while ago. Is it good for younger kids to drink, maybe instead of juice? where do i buy it? what brands are best? what are the benefits? thanks!
hahaha I've actually heard a lot that people seem to be super fertile during those times! yeah I bet there will be a lot of first time mamas when they get home this fall in his company! I'm hoping so, but if not then the fall most definitely!
Does anyone around here have any 3 year olds or close to it?
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