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http://m.activebeat.com/your-health/children/the-pros-and-cons-of-circumcising-your-baby-boy/ Boy this author needs help!
My son was out of a diaper for a month then decided he would not use the toilet. However he finds it so funny to pee in the bathtub and aim for the hole. It works every time and I figure it is a good transition. After a day or so of that I offered three chocolate chips for going in the toilet. They worked too. We are about 10 days with only one pee in his pants now. Poo he was still doing in the diaper but he has learned he has to go stand in the bathroom. And a few...
I have had two good days and am writing down everything I eat using My Fitness Pal. If anyone else in the challenge is using it feel free to pm me for my user.
No change but I started tracking and eating well again yesterday. Next week will be good.
Put your phone in a sealed bag with a cup or two of dried rice. It will absorb all the moisture within a couple of days. Hope your little baby survived!
I think the suggestion above to work with your sons age and focusing on a gradual increase for his sake would be better. Start with what is best for him. Highlight the importance with time with dad and increase it. Once a week is not enough for either of them to maintain their relationship. My son is two and a half and about to start one overnight every two weeks. I think he will be a little upset but will manage okay. He is with his older sister though which will...
Someone told me today if you really loved someone, sometimes you need distance and bad feeling to keep you separate. However if you can leave behind those feelings I think it is possible. Especially once a little time passes. How are you coping?
You are right you will get more stories of peeples use of breastfeeding in court here. It does seem like too much too soon. How involved is he now?
That sounds so hard and he is so young. You should definitely post this in the breastfeeding forum though for more responses.
I thought I would be aware enough to stop a retraction but it happened so fast my son was totally retracted before I could tell the doctor to stop. I felt so bad. I simply forgot in the process that it was even a possibility.
New Posts  All Forums: