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Agar agar. Interesting. I was thinking of doing a ground chia and psyllium drink each morning. I ordered some weight loss books on Amazon this morning to give myself a needed kick in the pants!
The forum rules don't allow name calling. It is a User Agrwement Violation (UAV). So people sometimes say UAV instead of calling someone a name.
Did you not get a visitation plan in court? I only ask because presumably you could go to court even without a lawyer and explain that you want to be in his life but have been refused access. Unless you are in jail or a drug dealer you would at least get access to your son. It had to be quite extreme to be denied access.
I do think you need to set clear boundaries and enforce them. If you let them get away with such craziness it will probably get worse. Does the old agreement still stand legally? If it does can you just let them know it has to be followed and you will wait for them at the Police Station and expect them to be there at the end? If they are not there ask the police for help. You do not have to live with this. No one should have to deal with craziness like that. And you do...
Darn 292. I MUST start eating well again. I have erased too much of my weight loss this year.
I think it is really sad that he is doing just fine financially and can't be bothered to catch up on support. Is he paying you the right amount each month now?
That sounds so hard. I am sorry no one at work understands. Could management help reschedule or is it up to you? Is there any chance she could attend with teachers or someone else from her school? Maybe you could explore that. *HUGS*
I just bought a Bernina 800dl!
Thank you for making the chart!
I love it and think it is very beautiful. And I love how simple it is to say and spell. Hard to spell or pronounce names stick with you forever.
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