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1200 is a few perfect small meals with no extra anywhere. I can't imagine!
I do know they still get lots. I usually lose 3 pounds a week at 2000 calories a day. My mom and sister are very envious at their 1200 calories a day.
Do I need to account for breastfeeding with older kids that are gearing down? I probably nurse 3x a day but the morning session is often 45 minutes long! The program sets me at 1790 calories.
My suggestion would be to drop the issue and let him come to his own conclusions. If the stuff is a problem help with organizing. If there is an out of the way place to hide unopened boxes they are not really a problem. You don't want your help to be perceived as a personal "attack" of his stuff. This could create a problem with your relationship. Going minimalist is great. I moved and have done it so well. I love it! But you have to want it.
What fantastic progress!
I would love to weight 224 right now!
Have you tried to run it empty? My front loader is often sudsy even when there are no clothes and no detergent in the load. So it might be your front loader not the diapers.
I am nursing 2 but they are 2.5 and 4 right now. I have decided I am okay if my milk supply goes down. I am aiming for 1750 calories a day though which isn't too drastic.
I am a member of a gym I hardly use. I am going to start going. And I bought a dance game for the wii.
I am 5'10" and with a 288.8 start weight. I have lost 15 pounds already this year but have totally dropped the ball the last 2 weeks and gained 5 pounds (I was down 20 pounds before). My goal is to drop 20 pounds in the 8 weeks. At 180 I am a great size and feel wonderful. I hope to be there in 2015.
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