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If you haven't already read up on nursing strikes. Kellymom is supposed to have good information. So sorry this is happening to you.
I have known some mom's that have to feed in a dark room to keep the baby interested once they get to that stage!
My feet get terrible cracks sometimes. I find though that it happens when my diet is worse. If I cut down processed foods and add good fats like chia they are healed within weeks without me doing anything to my feet directly. I read something once that when you are deficient in omega fatty acids the cells get stickier and dead cells in skin tend to stick and not be shed. Once you are more balanced they shed normally. Udo in his book recommends an "oil change" where you...
Mr parents get something called trigger finger that makes that joint lock. Hope you got good news.
It sort of sounds like you are better off without her in your life. With family like that you don't need enemies... Isn't that how the saying goes. I can't spend long replying now but read up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She sounds like someone with that disorder for sure.
I only ever used my Ergo and adored it.
I hope it is up! It sounds like you have been makings huge effort.
For a few dollars you can buy rubber pieces from the hardware store to make them stop moving. They are with the protective felt to put under chairs that slide. You can also take off the wheels and buy stationary feet. Also at the hardware store.
I had massive decay start when pregnant. Apparently the mouth pH changes plus nutritional demands being higher lead to extra decay.
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