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You could just say he is nervous of dentists so could you be gentle and explain everything. Keep it simple and I don't think they would assume it is his first visit. People change dentists all the time. For my three year old playing dentist helped a lot. Maybe you could explain things well or show videos.
I say I would do it... but my youngest is 22 months now and it is easy to forget how they are when they are so small. When my daughter was 3 months we went overseas. I left her in a cab with my husband to cash a travelers cheque. It took way longer than I expected and I was so desperate to get back to her. It was such a crazy strong biological feeling. So I totally understand how you are feeling!
For me it would depend on how long you leave him alone now. Is he used to other people feeding him? Does anyone else put him to sleep? There is still time to work on this now... You have a month. When my daughter was the same age I wouldn't have left her. However with my second I would have. I think I appreciate better how important it is to take care of myself too. It would probably be simply amazing for you and your husband to get away.
Did he easy more before? Maybe he is not in a huge growth mode right now. My sister went through a similar thing where her son suddenly started eating less. I am tandem nursing too with a 22 mo and a 3.5 year old. I did hit a point where I tell the older one no sometimes. Otherwise I was nursing almost every minute of the day.
Beautiful! My 3.5 dd described it last week with huge excitement as warm soft love! She falls asleep sometimes with one arm wrapped around a breast!
I haven't weaned but I did cut back using a lot of distraction. Before my dd was like 10-20 times a day and she is over three! Now she is maybe 5 times a day. I found that much more manageable. Maybe you want to work towards cutting back first then wean?
We all keep saying the same thing! I can't stop thinking about this. The rule should be to cover if kids broke a window or something. Not for someone to leave an expensive item where kids can spill things on it. If it was me I wouldn't even ask for half.
I agree that first of all she shouldn't have left the camera on the table and should have brought it up right away if something happened. How do you know your child was responsible. This is so strange. Honestly I think adults are responsible for keeping their things safe.
I am three weeks into my new place and I love it. Getting rid of heaps as you pack really helps make it feel special. Instant tidy!
They do check if testicles are down... maybe it was that?
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