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Tomorrow is day 1. I am excited!
My daughter was quite a bit older at the time. But I found at one point of I slept on the bed in a way she couldn't feel me, she woke less and nursed less too. She was probably already 18 months though.
My thought was that cows milk isn't essential so the difference between the two probably doesn't matter! What did you find out? What does gosts milk taste like? I have never enjoyed the cheese. Does the milk taste sort of different too?
I usually just turned my back to my dd when she did that. I was more protected that way.
It seems very suspicious given he has been refusing extra time all along. Maybe he is afraid of the extra money he would owe given his new salary etc. It could be he is starting negotiations for you to agree to not file for child support arrears and increase in return for not asking for 50/50? It seems to me it must have something to do with his increased salary or the fiance.
It seems to me given the situation it might be time to go back to court and possibly have the mom charged with contempt for interfering with the court order. It seems highly likely parental alienation is at play here.
Wouldn't cleaning the shop vac be even more gross? Yuck!!! I tend to just stick my hand in a bag and use that to pick them up. Not so easy when that pregnant I would guess though?
Both mine dropped naps at that age for the same reason. After a few weeks skipping they were fine and never needed to nap unless sick or very overtired. I would give skipping naps a try and maybe make bedtime slightly earlier to compensate.
I kept breastfeeding my dd when I was pregnant. I think my milk mostly disappeared just after 30 weeks but that doesn't stop her. I tandem nursed after the birth too and it made everything so much easier. I could nurse both together instead of having a demanding little one insisting I play instead of feed her baby brother. I do wish I had night weaned prior to the birth. I found nursing two through the night very difficult.
How did it go?
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