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Thanks for that. They are both crazy in love with breastfeeding. The younger today was looking at a sculpture of a mermaid with huge bests and nipples. I jokingly asked him if he thought she would have lots of milk and he attempted to nurse on her!
Both my kids still nurse. Usually once or twice in the day and always to sleep and for an hour or so while waking up. They are 2.5 and 4. I night weaned the youngest recently (the older also night weaned at age 2.5). I have always had lots of milk but don't ever get engorged even when they don't nurse all day. I am separated. The older already does every other Saturday night sleep overs with her dad. The younger will be starting the same in a few months. Then in...
The third option could be "I would be happy to nurse someone else's baby but haven't had the opportunity".
I didn't read all the replies. It seems to me that if they are sharing a room at his current place they should be fine sharing a room at your house. I vote for letting sleepovers with your daughter happen naturally.
This is the approved harness we use for the kids when flying. http://kidsflysafe.com It is for flying only not for cars. I know this is an old thread but I came across it and thought I might as well add to it for the next reader.
Any chance he would agree to split the cost? Maybe if he got credit with your DS that would make him feel good enough to want to help pay.
I think illness is a normal part off family life. Unless the visiting child is so sick they don't want to move to the other house I think the visit should proceed as normal. Is she offering you make up time? I think if you agreed you could end up missing a huge percentage of your time. And it's not like the child is not exposed to bacteria etc every day at school! If she got sick I am sure she would not agree to you keeping the child away from her.
And give the original to that other male family member!!
A mother with twins about 2 years old backed into me. She forgot to look. She was so embarrassed but I totally understood.
My stbx did this. I had about 5 visits where ds came home 8 hours later with the same wet diaper on and a terrible rash. The diaper was literally hanging to his knees. I think the worry of being judged for doing wrong and honestly wanting to do better for ds resulted in him doing better. It hasn't happened lately. Each time I just sent him a friendly reminder email saying ds came home in the same diaper and can he please remember to change it every couple of hours. If...
New Posts  All Forums: