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I'm stuck for an original name! Everything I've thought of seems to be taken. I would LOVE some help brainstorming! These are some of my ideas thus far in the poll.   Thanks for helping!
I definitely don't have biases against video games I think they are fantastic learning tools. It's just the all consuming nature of play that gets to me. And when he starts to get too emotional (he is emotional anyway with outbursts etc). I just don't want to facilitate an unhealthy habit by not putting limits on the cider game time. My problem is wondering what is too much. I don't like waiting until he's agitated bc then there is a fight.
IRS true, very small. I always meet people who know my people no matter where I go!
I hear you! Yay for more energy!
We lived in Freddy too. My hubby's family lives in Maugerville. It's a beautiful city and we miss our family there. :) You are right, all of my friends in music and theatre (Calithumpians) left for Mount A and to Halfiax.
Thanks Kathy! I did look up for all the libraries in the KFPL area. So not just Isabel Turner which is mine. But there weren't many of the books. For next time, I'm going to look you up!
I was born in NS and I lived in BC for a short time as a kid. NB definitely feels behind and more secluded in a lot of ways. But it's nice there. I went I UNB and I really enjoyed it. 
That's fantastic that she loves all those old classics. My son really likes the more contemprorary books, but we try to get him to read classics too, or at least abridged versions of them for kids like "A Christmas Carol" which he loved (because of the ghosts!)   Here are some good ones:   The Chronicles of Narnia Anne of Green Gables series Little House series Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Black Beauty   There's also the Classic Starts books that have...
That's what we did. We got these in Kindergarten and my son was in public school since I was still in University. He was apparently "behind" in reading and they were sending him to a remedial class. We read these to him and he liked them so much, he wanted to read them himself. These books are what really got him reading. He just needed something he LIKED! Now he's been homeschooled since gr. 1 and his reading level and comprehension are waaaay above grade level (he's in...
New Posts  All Forums: