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Or....   Ailish Ianna Elspeth
rnra, Irish Gaelic names are often not phonetically spelled. Niamh, for example, is pronounced Neeve, or Nee-uv.   I suppose I'm not too worried about the pronunciation of the middles... Hoping tho Ailish is easy enough? If I see Aileen, or Eileen, it seems pretty basic to me. Input still is appreciated!
LTurtle, thank you. I appreciate your input. I love Niamh, but was unable to get dh on board. Tho, I think I'm going to revisit and try and work on him again. :)
Yes, I desire to honor my strong Irish heritage. Going back now to add pronunciations. (guess I'm such a name geek, they seem pretty no-brainer to me. :-P)
What are some thoughts on these, negative or otherwise? Any one stand out over the others?   Note: they're Irish Gaelic, so pronunciations have been added.   Ailish Etain Isebéal  (ISLE-ish, eh-TAIN, ISH-uh-bale)   Eilish Mellé Isebeul  (ISLE-ish, muh-LAY, ISH-uh-bale)   Ailish Ianna Aaralyn  (ISLE-ish, ee-AWNNA, AIR-uh-lyn)   ETA 2 more:   Ailish Ianna Elspeth  (ISLE-ish, ee-AWNNA, ELS-peth)   Ailish Niamh Isebéal  (ISLE-ish, neeve, ISH-eh-bale)   I've...
Yes, hard C. And Celtic! :)
If we scrap Eilish, we'd go w/ Esca. We like both equally well. (just to put that out there)
Mareseatoats: Etain is lovely!
More input, please?
Really great point, Salr. I tend to think similarly w/ letters needing to look/work/combine well together.   I worry I won't find a name that does it for me as much as my daughters.   Here's another thought I had:   Eilish Quinn Elspeth...   ?
New Posts  All Forums: