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Congrats everyone! I love seeing the photos of our April babies! I must say we all make very gorgeous kiddos!
I just wanted to stop by quickly and post to say I hope everyone is doing well! We've had a long week, Eleanor had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday for jaundice, I went to the ER because my hand swelled up with tingling and was numb to the touch, they gave her a pacifier and I flipped out.... And today we came home and it's my birthday! Lots going on but things are smoothing out. I will try to post her birth story later this week.   Good luck to everyone who...
Eleanor Rose Farris was born at 9:23 am on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz and was 19 inches long. I will post more later but right now all I wanna do is hold my baby. I can't believe she is here!!!!  
I had antibiotics for strep throat at 34 weeks and I felt like I had a yeast infection coming on. I slammed yogurt everyday, took one round of OTC monistat, and my GBS test came back negative. I hope you get the same results!
Wow! Good luck Ashley! Baby sometime tomorrow then! Yay! I hope you have a wonderful birth!
My birthday is the 10th and my due date is the 17th. I also have family members with birthdays on the 2nd, 16th, and 20th. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit one of the four! I am just glad that tomorrow is April since I really want her birthday to be at least in the same month as mine. I just didn't want to be so close to having an April baby to then have a March baby... if that makes any sense. lol
Everyone looks so cute!  Alethia- You always look so happy! Kate- That is so interesting! I have stretch marks on my tummy already from some weight gain so I actually haven't taken any uncovered belly pictures yet. But yours look rather light, they aren't bright pink like mine are. My best friend's stomach looks like a toilet bowl flushing, and that is her description, not mine. I don't think she used any vitamin E oil or cocoa butter.   Here is my DSS and I last...
My birthday is the 10th and my due date is the 17th. I have been feeling very apprehensive and I doubt that I will make it to the 17th. I really don't want to be any earlier than the 10th but I am still not sure how I feel about having her on my birthday.   I am pretty sure we will see a definite surge in baby announcements this week, though. :)
Congrats Rasa!! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your DD2! I love the name!   Courtney, she is beautiful and only three pushes! DSS walked up right as I was scrolling onto the photo you posted and he said, "Awe, sweet baby!" Congratulations and I can't wait to hear your story!
  Here is what I have so far. Feel free to let me know what you think. I am getting pretty dang nervous and I want to make sure I am as prepared for this as I can be.   Natural Birth Wishes No students. No visitors other than my husband, my mother, my father, my friends (3 who are extremely supportive and will switch in and out). Limit checking my cervix as much as possible. No cervical checks administered by anyone except my midwife. Hep-lock...
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