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Chiro- I have craved dairy constantly throughout this pregnancy. Except for the last week or so when all I have wanted is water. I go through a gallon and a half a week on my own. We don't have access to organic milk other than the Horizon brand that they sell in Kroger (15 minutes away). So I buy the 2% with DHA and Omega 3s. I can't get enough of it.   Jenny- I am going to get my hair highlighted and trimmed again before the baby comes. I also plan on having a...
Flavorfull- I hope things were productive for you today! I want an entire day of energy and time to devote to getting things settled next week..... keeping my fingers crossed.    Nicmom- Wow. I had BHx for the first time last week and it was an experience. Since this is my first, I had no idea what to expect. I haven't had any since but I can see where yours would relieve some pressure if your little one is nestled up that high!   Kate- I saw those bags they look...
Saw my midwife today. Apparently they (medical powers that be, not her) used to recommend 30 minutes after delivery. I have in my birth plan, no sticks at all until 4-6 hours. She said that wasn't a problem at all. 
Does anyone know how soon the Vitamin K shot must be given? Dh and I decided to go for it, because the statistics aren't as rare as we would like them to be. But I really don't want my baby to be poked with a needle any sooner than 4-6 hours after birth. I heard a friend say something once about a 30 minute window for it to be given and I thought that had to be a load of bull.
Atticus Hudson is a very strong wonderful name. I love saying it. ;)  
I hope that his PO gives you good news! Still praying for you all and keep us updated. For now, enjoy the weekend and get some rest mama. 
Cute bellies mamas! Our babies are definitely growing! 
Chiro- I hope that you get some rest and that would make me very anxious. I hope your little boy can stay in a while longer. And good luck on the hunt for a washer and dryer!   miss_honey- Oh that looks so miserable! I hope the treatments that your midwife gives you start working soon!   hazlebranch- Yay! I know that is a weight off of your shoulders!   justKate- I'm glad you enjoyed the chiropractor appointment! I used to go to one but haven't been in years....
Oh mama. I'm sending you the largest amounts of positive vibes, prayer and love that I can. I know your pain very well, my DH deals with alcoholism and it has been a struggle. But things will get better. You are strong and so is Aries. Let us know if you need anything. 
I started it the day I hit the third trimester. I am drinking two cups a day. I love it. I have a cup in the morning and a cup at night before I go to bed.  I'm still wondering if I should have started it earlier... And does anyone know about drinking a concentrated amount once you go into labor? I have just skimmed the RRL Tea Tribe thread once or twice.
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