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I completely understand. They can tell you and I hope they got back to you. This is why I switched from an OB to a midwife at 9 weeks. I was being treated like a complete idiot and made to decide at 5 wks whether I wanted an epidural. So ridiculous. Good luck and keep us posted.  
We allow running and jumping but we have a 2,400 sq. foot house that DSS has a lot of room to roam in. The only time we tell him to be careful is if there is a baby cousin here who is stationary or if there is a friend over and they might accidentally end up hurting one another. Even without running, DSS got a basketball to the face the other day. When it is time to eat, we do take our meals at the table and turn the tv off. I'm very lenient in winter because of the...
Love it! 
      I've hit the "overwhelmed with stuff to do and I feel like crap" barrier as well. I don't have near as much on my plate, but yes it's so exhausting to think sometimes! As for jury duty, I would have your midwife or OB write an excuse for you. At this far along during your pregnancy, that's a bit much. 
Playing with the baby- This is probably my favorite thing to do during the day. My mom will sit there and laugh at me on her lunch break because that is when both DSS and I play with her. It may be weird but it's sooo much fun!   Colostrum- About two weeks ago my breasts actually leaked. I was so amazed. So far that is the only time I have leaked but I am able to express colostrum at any time now. It's so interesting.    AFM: DH starts his new job Monday and he...
Autumn, I am so sorry for your loss.  I've been thinking and praying for you everyday and will continue to do so.  for Maxwell. 
I hope that jurisdiction is established asap. It should be since that is where your children live and neither parent lives in LA anymore. Makes sense to me anyway. Praying for you and your boys. Keep us updated and I'm sure all of your kids know how much you love them. 
Jeannine: In our custody agreement it states that, " Both parents shall be allowed to freely contact the child via mail, telephone or computer at all reasonable times, duration and frequency." We understand "reasonable times" to bed while DSS is awake. Of course his BM never calls anyway but I would definitely be ending the cell phone in the bedroom at night. Kids need their rest and if he is up late consoling his mother, that has to be stressful enough. As a grown...
Courtney that's amazing!!!! You are both so focused, I know that was such an amazing experience! 
Sorry I haven't posted much, school and preparing for Eleanor is really taking over.    I hate to hear that everyone is feeling bad, my DH and DSS are in the same boat. DSS seems to constantly have some sort of congestion in the winter and DH just can't sleep or hurts or... I dunno. He tends to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am just ready for spring.   We found out from the allergist on Monday that DSS's only allergy is to get this, cats! And a mild...
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