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Oh dear Lord, that is hilarious. I've guilty of many of those quotes myself. 
I hope you get some good news soon! I'll be thinking  of you two! Hopefully he will be able to come home asap! 
Exactly. I hate it for my friend but this isn't the first time that something has happened to her son while in the care of his step father. I just have to listen and give the best advice possible.  
Never. The only time I am not in the car with DSS is when I am standing beside the car pumping gas.   I just recently had a friend whose husband left her son (his step son) in the car at Walmart at night to run in for some cat food. It was around eleven at night and thirty degrees outside. Her son was asleep and fine, but someone saw and called the cops. Her husband was arrested on site and taken to jail. Now they have an open DCFS case.    So yeah... It's just...
I would try to take your DS with you if at all possible, or see if there was a family member or very close friend that he has known for a long time. DSS has only been away from DH and I when we went on our honeymoon and he was either with my parents or DH's sister the whole time. I couldn't leave him with anyone I had only known for three months, even if I had been around them every week during that time span. IMO it's just not enough time for you or your DS to know them.
Oh mama. I understand. I was already overweight and any pound I gain is depressing to say the least. But I've been telling myself that after she is born I will be able to exercise more, be breastfeeding (burn calories there), and be chasing after two kiddos from there on out. Just make sure you are eating healthy and staying active as much as you can. Remember, you lost 60 lbs. before, you can do it again!   
I used a shoulder sling with DSS for the first four months. Then I didn't get him again until he was around 8 months when DH and I got together. At that point I made my own Moby style sling and he loved being in the upright position. He liked to be able to look around and fall asleep with his head at the base of my throat while I sang to him. The day he was too big for it, I think we both cried. I put a Mei Tai on my baby registry, they look so comfy! Either way I do...
Jess, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. If there is anything I can do, research, or just listening, feel free to PM me. I don't know much about LA laws but I have done my fair share of research for my state (KY). Praying for you and your kiddos.
::Bump::   New pics 29 weeks!   Moving body!             Head down, awesome spine shot. And the heart with some other organs.          All of the photos were blurry because she was super active and is all the time! Plus I wasn't too fond of the ultrasound tech telling me that I should keep an open mind about an epidural. I don't think Eleanor liked her either, she sure made things difficult. Hehe.
Laura- I think talking to the midwife first is a good step to take. It is worrisome and there is no reason on going two days in a row. If you still want to have it done, they should be able to do it Tuesday while you are there, no problem. Good luck to you.   Courtney- I laughed so hard at that, DH asked what was wrong. Hehe. I'm one of those people who finds comedy in others falling or making a fantastic mess. But I always laugh and then help them up or clean up the...
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