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Congratulations! I'm very happy for you!
Just got back from the doctor with DSS. His rash is fungal. The doc said no more diapers at night (which we have already been working on) and no food or drink 2 hours before bedtime. They called us in some anti fungal cream to the pharmacy. I'm just so happy that it's not an allergy. DSS is curled up in his Mamaw's chair asleep right now. He actually smiled at the doctor when he said, "You can run around naked as much as you want at home." Airing out is apparently the...
Morning ladies!   Flavorful- I hope the insurance company gets back to you soon! Having someone else around will definitely be a big help. While I hated moving home and back in with my parents, now I am actually not as stressed because I know that they will be right there to help. They aren't overbearing or nosy either, so I am glad to have two extra people to help.   Melissa- That's an adorable wrap! I'm so glad that they are covering your home birth! I know it...
Courtney, that's adorable!!!!! Love it!
Oh mama, that is a lot to take in. Praying for a miracle for your baby. Love and hugs to you and your family.
Well I say awesome! Good luck with the preparations! And don't leave us! You will be the first birth story!!! So excited for you! 
Awesome! That's a lot of babies in your family Courtney! 
Adore- I can't believe that just because you haven't had kidney stones, they ruled it out. I have quite a bit of females in my family who seem to get them only when pregnant (except me so far). How could they not start you on some antibiotics just from that one sample? Weird. I hope you are feeling better now.   Bela- Glad you are getting better! Everyone here in my area of KY has some sort of nasty cold or allergies. My dad has felt horrible for about three days,...
  I'm pretty convinced too.  That is some very strong data there, Zuzu. I had implantation spotting with this pregnancy, then spotting at 7 and 9 weeks. I think for a lot of ladies these can be mistaken as late cycles. I can't wait to hear what your midwife says. I'll be checking later tonight to see what you post. Good luck, dear!
Wow. I'm glad you are home now though. I know that none of us want to be in the hospital at this point really, unless we have to be. Be sure to get your rest. You can still nest a bit, especially once your mom gets there. Bed rest can really put a damper on things, but at least your labor isn't progressing! Keep us posted. 
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