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I have never felt the baby hiccup, ever... is that a bad sign? He is always moving, but I dont think he hiccups..
[QUOTE=Lit Chick;15793067]DS was fussy today, and I realized he only has a few more days/weeks of being the center of my universe, and I will treasure that.QUOTE] What a great way to think about it! I really need to stop obsessing and just treasure these last few weeks that DS is still my little baby and focus on him. Thanks for that, it just makes my discomfort seem so trivial now.
Thanks Ladies!! Thats great news! Im so excited now Is it true that if you take it towards your due date its helpful as well for future healing, or is it something I should just stick with for after birth?
Quote: Originally Posted by BCFD We recently switched to the Swiffer Wet Jet using the Shark cloth pads and I found this video on how to refill the Wet Jet. Just tried it and it worked out! I did a water/vinegar solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pO-AbT3GpE Thank you soooo much for posting this video!! I have been trying to figure out how to use my own solution for my wet jet because I love mine, but it is very expensive and...
Ooo I feel for you....My husband and yours must have conspired together. I have also been "forbidden" to go anywhere and I had my car taken away from me a month ago! And I still have until the end of september Its driving me nuts...and believe me, being stuck at home with a toddler is more stressful then being out and about. Not to mention more housework to do since my son is stuck inside all day too!
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with homeopathic arnica (tablets, not the herb) for after the baby is born (to assist in healing after delivery) ? My mother brought me my some homeopathic arnica tablets to pack in my hospital bag. She swears by it for healing after surgery and said that its recommended for many new moms after birth. My question is if its ok to use while breastfeeding. I plan to ask my doc on friday, but i'm sure she wont...
Hi, I recently crocheted a soaker out of bamboo yarn, and after i did so, I realized that bamboo is not effective as a soaker. But I am wondering if i can use it as a diaper? The yarn is sooooo soft and it would be a shame to throw it out. Can that go directly on baby's skin?
Yummm....thats the one thing I crave more than anything..I dont miss alchohol but no sushi is torture!! Thanks for posting this, its really reasurring. Plus I think without the rist, sushi is so much healthier than most other stuff pregnant women eat.
Hi everyone, I'm a first timer for CDing and I am trying to slowling purchase a cloth diaper stash for my 2nd due in Sept. I am very confused as to what type/brand of prefolds to buy. I would like to know what are some of your favorite brands, as well as something that you do not recommend. I also dont know which is better, Indian or chinese? Thank you!
Ok so I am a cloth diapering virgin but I really want to do it this time around. One question I have that is confusing me so much is, what is the difference between Indian Prefolds and Chinese Prefold? And which do you all recommend? Also, do any of you have ventilation issues with the waterproof covers? I would assume it traps in moisture and causes diaper rash. Do you have to use a cover? Sorry if these questions are dumb
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