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ariange if you email me at Heath7201@msn.com I can send it to you!
KWARR, I'm so sorry I just saw this! I haven't logged in to this in months. Yes I found one, but I actually have the pattern that you can make your own! If you PM me your email I can send it to you! So sorry for the late reply!
While my daughter has a lot of differences from your son, I can definitely sympathize with you. She will be 4 next week and is still undiagnosed. At this point the doctors are saying that she has a syndrome that has yet to be heard of. I understand how frustrating it can be to not have any answers. She was born with brain abnormalities and profoundly deaf, duane's syndrome and abnormal eye movements, is globally and cognitively delayed, and just started walking at 3...
momtotwoboys doesn't get on here anymore, but she gave me her permission to give you her email and send you to her facebook if you would like to ask her some questions! I will PM you her info.
Just bumping this in case anyone has any familiar experience.
My daughter is undiagnosed but has many different needs and has global developmental delays. She will be 4 in April. She has always been very low tone throughout her body however, in the last 6 months her tone is worsening. It started with her right thigh and hip moving to a high tone hypertonia and the rest of her body was still very hypotonic. At our last physiatry appointment it has progressed even worse and now the high tone has spread to her both thighs and hips and...
I am probably not much help but just wanted to send well wishes your way! I know how frustrating it can be to know that something is not quite "right" with your child but yet still not be able to name what it is. My daughter will be 4 in April and is still undiagnosed. They think she has some type of syndrom just not sure of what. It is a very frustrating thing! A lot of her symptoms also conincide with a CP diagnosis. Hopefully you find some answers soon. Good luck!
I have hypothyroidism after having my first daughter. My dr. just checks my levels each trimester to make sure that I am still in the normal range.
EDD: June 9th, 2013 Your Age: 24 This babe will be child #?: 3 How long have you been TTC: This is a surprise baby! Tell us a bit about your family (partner, other children, and/or pets):  We have two daughters and our oldest (3) has special needs and is deaf.
Hugs to you! I know it can be hard to hear and overwhelminng at first. Just take your time and make sure you understand everything and are doing what is best for your family and your child. My daughter also has profound loss in both ears and multiple other special needs but is still undiagnosed at 3 and a half and we still have no clue what caused her loss, we will probably never find out. If you haven't already I would strongly encourage you to check out...
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