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Something that has also been a bit confusing----she does not have hypotonia. Her pt says that her muscle tone is completely normal, for some reason she just refuses to bare weight on her legs or arms.
she did have torticollis when she was born and now she has plagiocephally, so yes her skull is slightly deformed but almost back to normal again. I know our geneticist stripped her down and looked her over head to toe but never really found anything that would help put a diagnosis to it. Thanks for all your help!
Thanks so much for replying! We're in Iowa and we do have to wait until she's 12 months but she is currently 10 months now. Our audiologist told us that medicaid just passed something to where they will cover doing both of them at once and for how little my daughter can hear she would definitely qualify for both at once which is amazing! We're just excited to finally get the process started.
How do I add a picture on here to show you?
ha. What town do you live in again? And how old are your kids?
thanks! We've gone through the basic steps. Our meeting with the team to discuss the surgery is on Tuesday. Just wondering how long the process takes to get it all approved through insurance and medicaid. We've waited so long already I'm excited to see what it will do for my baby!
Have any of you gone through this process? From you initial evaluation with the team how long did it take to actually get the surgery?
It's just so frustrating nobody can give us ANYTHING! her ears are fine, deafness is not genetic and does not run in the family. So why can't they tell us anything? there has to be a reason she has all of these things. Thanks for your support!
Are any of you as frustrated with this as I am? Someone asks whats wrong with my daughter (which I can understand-it's rude but people are curious) and when I explain that she's deaf and has some disabilities EVERYTIME I hear "I'm sorry" or "That's too bad". It's so frustrating! My little girl is perfect and I wouldn't want her any other way, this is the way God wanted her. Maybe she's not normal but it's definitely not something I'm "sorry" about. Why don't people...
I live just West of Des Moines and would love to get together with some mammas!
New Posts  All Forums: