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Yay!!! Congrats! We're having another little girl so this will make girl #2 for us. So exciting!
Ok so my husband and I decided that we were not telling anyone what we were having or the names we picked out until baby is born. We know what it is but only want it to be us. Apparently all of our family is really upset by this and keep making nasty comments and things because we will not tell them. Even people who are only friends of our friends are commenting and trying to make us tell them. We barely even know these people. And why are people so concerned anyway? It's...
well with my 1st I could have SWORN up and down it was a boy and she is definitely a girl. This time I also had a very strong feeling it was a boy and yet again....girl! Obviously I'm not very good at this game
so I'm only 15 weeks but went in for a checkup today and baby kept moving to much to find a heartbeat. So my Ob decided to do a quick ultrasound to get the heart rate easier. While we were in there the tech asked if we wanted to take a look at the gender so we did! looks like this will be girl #2 fo us! YAY! Will be fun to see for SURE at 20 weeks but they were pretty positve. any one else know already?
I had a horrible labor/birth experience. I was induced due to preeclampsia. 19 hours of hard labor with an epidural that didn't work. 3 hours of pushing wich lead to a vaccum extraction and 3rd degree tear. Daughter is profoundly deaf and disabled due to the trauma to her head during birth. (she is 16 months and still cannot even crawl or stand or anything) An hour later I hemmoraged and since my daughter was rushed to the NICU after her birth I wasn't able to see her...
I hired a doula this time after such a traumatic birth last time that left my daughter deaf and disabled. She is also a chiropractor and my husband and I both love her! She charges $500 but knows we are short on cash so she is letting us pay a little at a time and if we lose the baby she gives a full refund.
I had it the last two months of my last pregnancy and it turned into preeclampsia. Never had it this early though... Hope things get better!
My ob wont see me until next week and I'll be 11 weeks. It's driving me crazy! Has anyone else not had their first appt yet either?
I agree it is definitely fun I took mine on friday and it came out boy. I've had a feeling this one was a boy so it will be exciting to see if it was right or not! Let me know what yours says
www.intelligender.com it's supposed to be able to tell your baby's gender by 10 weeks. Its an at home test
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