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My daughter's name is Lani (pronounced Laney) Rae. If we have another girl this time it will either be Cambria Faith or Emberlynn Grace. If it's a boy it will either by Ryker or Jaxon
we have the same problem with Lani. Her ears are so floppy they fall off and when she had ear molds with her hearing aids they barely fit in her canals. VERY FRUSTRATING! The toupee tape works great but definitely pulls hair out. For her CI's i sewed elastic bands onto headbands that can hold the actual processer which works great for her. but probably wouldn't look so good on a little boy. sorry it's frustraing. BELEIVE me i know! You just gotta keep at it.
I tested this morning at 10dpo and there was a really faint pink line so I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant!!!! AH I cannot beleive it. This will be #2 for us and we have been trying since Christmas. I'm going to test again in the morning before I tell my husband, just to be sure. But I had to tell someone!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! March 25th will be my due date if I a really am!!!!
I submitted a short story to them a few days ago with a picture of Lani not really expecting much. But the editor emailed me back today and asked if she could use Lani's picture as a COVER for the next spring issue! I'm so excited! Yay for Lani being so darn cute Just had to share
Quote: Originally Posted by fairejour My daughter was born at 40 weeks, and was in the NICU for 6 weeks. She had a heart lung bypass (ECMO) due to meconium asperation due to birth trauma. She was delievered via "emergency" (he sure took his time for an emergency ) c-section after a violent failed forceps delievery. My daughter is also deaf due to the trauma-NICU-oxygen deprivation. She has a CI as well. By the time we left the NICU she was well over 10...
I haven't been through this but I just wanted to give you some Hopefully someone here can answer your question. I know how frustrating it is when noone knows what your going through. good luck with everything! Hope it goes smoothly!
I have one! Lani isn't officially diagnosed with SPD yet but OT definitely thinks she has it. She loves it! I don't wear mine a lot but we bring it along with us everywhere and she loves the thing! But she is also teething
aw yay! I hope you have a better experience than we did. I'm sure she will do amazing! It will be interesting to see the difference from one to two! Good luck and let us know how everything goes! We go back the 15th for another ABR with the implants but its still not looking good Good luck miss Kat and mamma!
signing times is a video series that is GREAT for young childen and you to learn. (they are a bit pricey to buy but you can probably check them out at a library) signingtimes.com I think is the website. Other than that there are SOOO many resources and books out there. There is a website where you can look up any word and they show you how to sign it. (this has saved my life, my daughter is profoundly deaf and we are just learning to sign ourselves.)...
first of all huge and second of all... if there even is anything there it is NOT your fault! My daughter sounds A LOT like your daughter. Everything you mentioned my daughter also does altough she is profoundly deaf so that makes a bit of a difference. She is also 14 months old. As far as her head goes, cranial bones do not fuse until at least 2 years of age so if you are worried about this speak to your pediatrician about getting a molding helmet because there is still...
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