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it wont help with the nursing - i only had one child - i'd take a book and we'd drive for errands once she was asleep i'd get something via drive thru and just luxuriate in quiet, the book was because there wasn't anythign i could do while she was napping (which is why i wished oh so hard it woudl happen at home)
i love rugged bear clothes http://www.ruggedbear-online.com/
crayon - i'd love to talk to you more! system wont let me send a PM right now maybe you can reach me? : ) : )
under the umbrella of "sex positive" i'm wondering about a slightly different topic and ways to handle it. i have some early birthday presents due to arrive this week of an adult nature. boxes in the mail are very exciting things around here so i began wondering what to say when it arrives to my almost 9 yr old. the box itself i'm not too worried about but it started me thinking on how i knew nothing about adult toys & novelties and had to learn it all rather...
i realize that - but any email lists, group meetings, etc etc etc arent within a hundred miles
now and again i play around with writing explicit stories (ie erotica) i'd like to find a place or person who can read them over and offer me technical critiques -- things like the grammar here is weak, you switched the tense of the verbs etc. any suggestions?
i still cant figure out how poly people find each other apparently the only place in new england with anything interesting is boston and i cant get there at-will otherwise seattle and california seem overrun with open-minded alternatives of all flavors LOLL i have a plan to chop off some states in the middle and sell them back to france or somethign so new england isnt so far from seattle & cali. you'd think i lived in a shack on the side of an unpopulated...
this is a difficult title to google since it fits too many things - can someone please provide more info or a link or the such? thanks : ) Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 The "History of US" series is good for US history and it meets your criteria (other than it being a series of textbooks, not one book).
i've heard of some families have a gender monogamy -- meaning your dh is the only male for you
AMEN!!!! should you ever be in the neighborhood... LOLL ; ) Quote: Originally Posted by simplegirl I just think I need to surround myself with open-minded, kid friendly folks. Folks who don't judge and understand that sometimes it takes more than one person to fulfill someone's needs. Does any of that make sense? Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for their candidness here. It really helps to know that I am not alone in my...
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