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Tracy Cooper is now working with Geraldine Lee at Fremont Midwifery. They are both super nice, I'm using them for my current pregnancy.   
I'm 23 weeks and I've gained 13 lbs, almost all of it in the second trimester. I don't feel like my appetite is any bigger than it was before I was pregnant, so I'm pretty impressed that I've gained 13 lbs. 
For me, CIO is "not ok" because it causes developmental trauma. There's a big difference between the times when your kid cries because they can't have something they want and the times when they have a need for something like food, comfort, or affection and they are left to cry for an extended period of time until they go into a dissociative state of consciousness. If a child has a series of unhealed developmental traumas, it can lead to problems when they get older like...
Congrats on finding out that you're having a boy! And sorry you had such a bad experience with your midwife!   If it were me, I would give the first birth center another chance. I had DS at a FSBC with a rotating pool of 4 midwives and I had a great experience. I liked all of the midwives, although with some it took a little longer to click with them than the others. They did a good job of making sure that I got to know all of the midwives before I gave birth, so...
I'm having a girl!  I had a feeling it would be a girl and I'm so excited that I'll have one of each sex now. And, most importantly, she looks healthy! Here's a picture of her with her chin resting on her hand.   
I lived in Miami for the first 10 months of DS' life and I parent a lot like you, so you're definitely not alone, you just need to find a group of like-minded and supportive people. I would occasionally NIP in Miami and I don't remember ever seeing anyone else NIP, so I understand how you feel. I liked shopping at Whole Foods b/c that was about the only time I would see other parents babywearing. I ended up moving to a crunchier area (Seattle), but AP parenting is still...
I used a tummy tub with DS when he was a baby and it was awesome. He always slept better when I gave him a tummy tub bath right before bed, since the way they sit in the tub seems to alleviate gassiness. Can't wait to use it again with the next little one!  
I'm still nursing, but wow is it painful when he latches on. I still have milk, but probably not as much since he seems to be asking for more water lately. I'm not planning on weaning, but I might night wean soon b/c I'm feeling really touched-out and uncomfortable when he nurses at night and it's making it hard to get enough sleep. 
I'm pretty indifferent about my last name, but my DH's last name is 14 letters long and is nearly impossible for strangers to pronounce, so there was no way I was gonna take it when we got married. But I chose to give DH's last name to DS just because that's what the norm is. While I'm pretty indifferent about my name and it doesn't bother me if people refer to me by my first name and then DH's last name, it really pisses me off when people (usually my mom!) refer to me...
My DS dropped to one nap at 16 months. It was a pretty quick transition and we haven't looked back, although there have been a couple times that he has had a really bad day and needed two naps. Dropping to one nap has been awesome, mostly because he's more tired when bedtime rolls around, so he falls asleep so much faster. 
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