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The inside of the pump for my cat's water fountain. I would clean the outside of it, but one day I was messing around with it and discovered that it pops open. There was 4 years of slimy nastiness in there. I decided then and there to go back to using an ordinary water bowl where there is no hidden nastiness. 
Maternity clothes are expensive! Especially considering that you only wear them for a matter of months. I ended up doing most of my maternity shopping at Target and Old Navy last time. Plus I was lucky that some of my non-maternity shirts stretched enough so that I could wear them almost to the very end. 
I have that skirt, too! I pretty much lived in it when I was pregnant with DS and I spent most of my labor in that skirt. It is super comfy!   
I haven't had too much morning sickness, but I'm only 4w6d. However, whenever I go to the grocery store I'm overcome with nausea. I have no idea what's setting it off. I didn't have morning sickness in my last pregnancy, but I had tons of food aversions, so going to the grocery store back then was misery because everything on the shelves looked repulsive. But this is great for my budget since I can't even stand to hang out in the store browsing the foods I am actually...
I got pregnant 4 months after buying a new car and I was pretty paranoid about it, but DS turned out nice and healthy. One thing that may make you feel better is that the offgassing is worse the hotter it is outside, but then you can just drive around with the windows open to air it out. I would just open the windows whenever it's not too cold, even if it's just for a few minutes and try not to stress about it. :)
Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
Good luck! Sending happy thoughts for you and your little babe!
He sounds socially inept and possibly on the autism spectrum to me. I used to date a drummer in a band, so the comment about "musicians needing to do what they had to do, which sometimes involves leaving their families" made me chuckle. My ex's band thought they were going to be huge and one day the bassist asked everyone in the band if they were going to be ready to give up their lives to go on the road once they got big. Everyone was cool with that except for the...
Marie, Oct 24, #2
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