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  1. What is your first name? Marie 2. How many kids do you have (including the new baby)? Baby will be #2. 3. Are you married, single, divorced, in a relationship...? Married since '08. 4. When are you "due?" October 24 5. Do you have any names picked out? Still working on that... 6. List 3 facts about yourself. I used to be a meteorologist, now I'm happily a SAHM. I move a lot and I've lived in 5 states, but I hope to never move again. I'm hopelessly...
I'd like to join. I'm 31 and I am trying for #2. I got pregnant last month, but had a m/c this week. So now I'm back to the drawing board. I haven't had any problem figuring out when I am ovulating in the past, but I have no idea what to expect after a m/c. I just ordered a bunch of OPKs, so hopefully that will help. 
After a blissful first week of knowing I was pregnant, I started spotting Monday morning. After a couple days of light bleeding and hoping it wasn't the end, I took a hpt this morning that was barely positive and started really bleeding pretty shortly thereafter. So I'm out and will be back to TTC shortly, I hope. I wish all of you super healthy pregnancies! 
I think this baby is a girl based on my gut instinct, not DTD within 2-3 days of O, and the ever-reliable Chinese gender chart.  Last time I just knew it would be a boy and I was right and so was the Chinese gender chart, go figure.  
I'm taking SuperNutrition one-a-day prenatals. They're food-based and hypo-allergenic. The folic acid vs. folate issue concerns me, too, so I switched from Rainbow Light to SuperNutrition because these ones have folate. 
  * Name: Marie * EDD: Sept 12th * Age: 31 * Location: Seattle * How long it took to you to get your BFP: first try * What number child is this for you: this will be the second and final kid for me * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, DS 14 mo, and a cat  * Birth plans/preferences: home birth or birth center * Anything else you'd like to share: I'm happy to be in the same DDC as Intuitive Jamie (hi Jamie!) since she told me during my...
Good for you!    Pushed was the first book I read when I was TTC and it convinced me that there was no way I would give birth in a hospital unless it was an emergency. I am a scientist and it had plenty of evidence to satisfy my overly-analytical mind. 
Apples to Apples is the best! Everyone in my family loves this game, from the kids to the grandparents. 
I wore a pair of cycling shorts after I gave birth. I hadn't heard anything about belly binding, but my midwife told me to put on something that would suck in my abdomen and since I'm a cyclist, that was what came to mind. It seemed to work just fine, but I haven't tried anything else, so I don't know how it compares.
I also love "Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life" by Wayne Dyer.    I'm reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and it's simply amazing. It's about living in the present moment and not letting your mind overload you with unimportant thoughts like worry and guilt. I'm a reforming people-pleasing perfectionist, too. It's tough trying to live a more present and meaningful life in our ego-centric society. Good luck on your journey!  
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