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My mom took me to the police station when I was ~10 yo to get fingerprinted. (She's really paranoid...) I thought it was pretty cool, but I'm really into CSI-type stuff.
Lol, if that was true I would have had my tubes tied as a teenager for the good of society. My parents actually wanted to have children so they could raise us better than they were raised. It was a nice thought, they just didn't do the work that's necessary to actually make that happen. They avoided repeating some of the more glaring parenting mistakes my grandparents made (i.e. driving your kids to a bar and making them wait in the car while you and your boyfriend get...
I've been reading Sleepless in America and I really like it so far. There's a lot of great advice about helping your child relax before bedtime so that it's easier for them to fall asleep and getting them on a schedule so they don't end up overtired. It's been hard getting my DS to sleep this past month b/c he's developing so fast. He just had a growth spurt and shot up a couple inches, plus he's starting to talk. If I don't get him to bed before his short sleep window...
Yep! I had my DS is a FSBC because it was much cozier than the place I was renting at the time. I haven't decided if I'll do a home birth or use a FSBC for my next pregnancy. I loved the FSBC, it was so peaceful, but I spent most of my labor at home and DS was born only 2.5 hrs after I got to the birth center.
I just moved to Seattle at took my DS to see Dr. Peter Grote yesterday. He is super nice, spent tons of time answering all my random questions and didn't give me any hassle over my desire not to do any vaxing yet. I definitely recommend him.
My 11 mo DS does this, too, and it is so painful to listen to. At first I tried ignoring it, then I tried walking away, neither worked. Lately, I've noticed that he tends to shriek if he's tired, hungry, or unhappy, so I try to quickly get him some food, put him in his play area, and/or get him to nap. I can't wait for this to end, it is pretty much torture.
A true friend would be happy for you to become pregnant, not tell you not to get pregnant and steal her thunder! You're not overreacting at all to not want to be pregnant at the same time. The last thing you need while pregnant is extra stress. And especially if she ends up criticizing your parenting style you should move on, grieve the end of your friendship, and go find some better friends. It can be neat to be pregnant at the same time as a friend. I got pregnant a...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Eggs!!! Same here. :Puke My dad sent me an article about how good eggs are for fetal brain development. Fortunately, my DS seems pretty smart considering that all I wanted was carbs...and the more refined, the better!
What are you hoping to get out of this relationship? It sounds like it must be really stressful, especially since his "normal" conversations consist of constant criticism. My mom is schizophrenic and being around her really stresses me out because it's hard to have an ordinary conversation with her, even when she's not talking about crazy stuff. She's a really nice person, but she's just not capable of a real two-way conversation where she actually listens to what I say,...
I had to end therapy with my fantastic therapist because I moved away. She really meant a lot to me, she felt like a second mom, so I was really sad. I thought about giving her a present, but instead I gave her a huge thank you and I told her how much of a difference she made in my life. She really lit up when I told her that. for great therapists!!!
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