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My tailbone fractured when I was delivering my son, too. My midwife gave me a tube of Traumeel lotion and it worked wonders. It felt mostly healed within a couple weeks.
I have flown with my DS twice since we started EC (at 6 mo and 7 mo). We just EC'ed as usual. I didn't want to bring his little potty, so I used a decent sized piece of disposable/recyclable Ziploc tupperware. The second trip I just held him over the toilet. I don't care that much what ppl think of my crunchy parenting and I used it as an opportunity to open up my family's minds about what infants are capable of. My sister thought it was the coolest thing, but she's...
I have flown 3 times with my unvaxed DS: when he was 2 months, 6 months, and 7 months. He's never gotten sick from any of those trips, but I got sick within a few days of returning from the first and third trips. He has an amazing little immune system...yay breastfeeding!
What you need is a good sense of humor...for when he's peeing all over the place on the changing table. I highly recommend EC because once we got that down he would wait until I had him in position over the toilet to pee. I love love love having a little boy. Congratulations!
It's totally normal. My hair shed like crazy. I had to constantly sweep my hair off the bathroom floor, it was so gross, my hair was everywhere. I can't remember exactly when it ended, I think it was around 5 or 6 mo pp. My DS is nearly 8 mo and it feels like the shedding stopped quite awhile ago. So don't worry, it will ease up soon.
First off, congratulations on coming to grips with the abuse your mom put you through. And stopping the cycle of abuse! If I were you I would plan an exit strategy in advance and think of some good excuses. This is where having a 4 mo comes in handy! If things get ugly, you can just claim that your DD is tired and bail. Don't worry about defending yourself and certainly don't worry about making anyone mad. You're not going to change any of these people, but you can...
This came up in conversation once with my aunt. I said "I went on the internet and watched a video of a circumcision and it was horrific." She responded "Yeah, if I had that kind of information back then I wouldn't have done it either." And I couldn't even make it all the way through the video, I only made it partway through where they tore the foreskin from the glans. I don't care what anyone says about babies being numb and not feeling it. I once had a root canal and...
Quote: Originally Posted by greeny It's so rough! If you can, keep working on the side-lying nursing. My 9.5 month old sleeps with me and wakes several times during the night still, but I can nurse lying down, so I barely wake up. If I had to be actually getting/sitting up all night, I'd be miserable. Hope things improve soon! I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't nurse lying down. It makes a world of difference. The other thing that...
My DS got his two bottom teeth in first, but the top teeth were really close behind. I think they came in about two weeks later. Once he got both the top and bottom teeth in, I nicknamed him piranha. I didn't realize how sharp they would be...ouch!
I use a bar of Dr Bronners soap on my DS, but I don't use it all that often because he just doesn't get very dirty. I use it as shampoo, too. I use coconut oil for diaper rash because it's antifungal/anti-yeast. For moisturizing, I use either olive oil or Weleda calendula baby lotion. My DS has amazing skin and I like to think it's because I mostly leave it alone, but it could just be lucky genes.
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