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Us, too! We drink lots of kefir, yogurt, cheese on everything and we are about to eat enchiladas with cream poured over them (my mom's recipe). I also love scones and biscuits, etc. :) We eat buckets of rice and steel cut oats here.
We made grilled salmon, potatoes from the coals and grilled asparagus one night we went camping, and creamy chicken-wild rice and vegetable soup the next. We invested in a big cast iron post so we could cook over the open flame. Lots of meats can be grilled, and veggies wrapped in foil and either grilled or set in the coals to cook slowly. The soup was surprisingly easy- I did all the pre at home, just added the chopped veggies, cooked rice, meat, and base into the pot...
I know! I am watching my neighbor's baby and we have not gotten into a rythm with each other, plus I find his snot/spit/etc more disgusting than I did my own son's. I just want to tell him stop sliming me! stop chewing on my hands! Ugh!! 
I find myself the same way sometimes. Our best strategy has been timeouts together for a few minutes, explaining what went wrong and why, etc., and then we leave and tell him he can go when he feels like it. He usually sits for a few minutes kind of upset and then comes and hugs and talks some more. 
You might be able to find a friend to trade workout time during the day with. I am having the same issue right now.
My son is cranky/less cooperative after screen time, even if he doesn't pay any attention to it (something my husband is watching, usually). We have more or less eliminated screen time for him.
I made my son purees for a month or two when he started foods at 6.5 months. Mostly I started with basic purees, but soon I started making things that were more soups than purees, with onion/celery/carrots base or what have yo, spiced normally. Oatmeal/apples with cinnamon. Shortly after he started eating 'real' foods, and has always had a good appetite and will eat most of anything. i think the most important thing is (this is for slightly older than yours) that meal...
We have been eating a lot of salads. Our current favorites are my make-shift Chinese-style salad (greens, sprouts, matchstick celery, carrots shavings (veggie peeler!) and anything else that looks good if I happen to have it and vinnaigrette with sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt, pepper and soy sauce. Sometimes I throw in scallions or minced garlic or ginger. Our other is wild greens with balsamic or honey-garlic vinnaigrette, with cold cooked beets (I usually cook them...
I fed my baby sweet potato, pear, brown rice, etc.... until about 10 months when he started eating table foods.He loved beans, cubed ham (started this around a year- I never pureed meat becauyse the idea just grossed me out haha)
I always make sure to serve lots of veggies, even if he doesn't eat them. I don't think it's good to hide them all (dunno if you do). That being said, I have a couple things I do to help DS get what I feel he needs. Every week (or almost) I get a bag of apples or pears and some vegetable and possible another fruit, like berries, and make him a big pot of veggie apple sauce. He eats this for snacks all week and dessert and loves it. I usually go with 4-5 apples (cored), 1...
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