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Homemademama, Please if you have time can you reply. I check every few hours for a response. I know u are probalbly busy but whenever you get a free moment.
Also my mom got sick a lot as a child and just outgrew it. We all have vascular issues and skim issues in general it seems. Stretch marks. Varicose. Thin skin. Broken capillaries. Melasma. Acne.
Homemademama, I need some help History 2 yr 4 month old Reflux Constipation I've been trying to tackle the above mentioned problems for 2 years w little success. Someone mentioned seeing a metabolic specialists maybe he has problems with sugars. Tested for celiac and in a roundabout way found out hehad low igg and iga. Both have gone up. Iga now in range but igg still low even though it went up 75 pts in 6 months. Had trouble walking. Started at 13 months. Very wobbly...
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