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I'm still nursing DS...he just turned 3.  I have told him my milk will dry up and I think he believes me but we will see what happens.  I am happy either way - whether he weans or we end up in a tandem nursing relationship 
Really? Vera?  I so love that name and so wish it wasn't becoming popular!  At least my son's name, Weston, is still pretty uncommon 
Oh yes!~  Forgot about that meconium!  We definitely used disposables for that!
This was the same for us with DS.  BG 3.0s with velcro.  I totally agree about the wear out.  I recommend folks get snaps if they can but I hear that for skinny babies the velcro is better because you can make the diaper snugger.  He potty trained early (and actually started pooping on the potty at 14 mos), so we never got a diaper sprayer.   I did have some biodegradable liners for the few short months when we had non breast milk poop and the cds.   We also often did...
Great news!  Thinking good thoughts for sticky bean :)
Glad I am not alone, at least!     I think I will do what I did last time...skip the doppler but I will do the 20 week scan.  
Ditto Arizona.  And this is only 1st tri!  My first was born at the end of August and that last trimester was horrible.   At least, for those of us that are running hot, the last trimester will be in a cooler time of year :)
^this was me exactly in my first pg! I couldn't believe I had to wait 12 wks for my first apt!  This time I haven't even called my birth center yet.  I am 6 weeks as of yesterday...   hugs! 
With my first babe we skipped the dating u/s because we were charting and pretty much knew exactly when he was conceived.  No charting this time and wondering if my midwives are more likely to push for the dating u/s.  I am less comfortable with the u/s at such an early stage.  Also, would love to skip the doppler all together (we did this for the 2nd half of my first pg) because it is a constant wave, whereas, the anatomy scan is intermittent waves.  But then, using the...
Doesn't doing Kegel exercises regularly help with hemorrhoids? I feel like I learned that during my first pregnancy. 100 kegels a day a increasing in difficulty throughout pregnancy...
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