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Congrats, Mae!
Thanks everyone. Yes, the clot was horrible to see/feel. I was sure it was the baby when I felt it coming out. So far, everything seems OK. I've never felt the need for a home doppler before, even with a miscarriage before my daughter, but now I'm renting one for a few months. Until I can regularly feel this baby move, I need the reassurance. It's hard to let go of the fear after a scare like that.
It's great to see all these baby pictures. I had a truly terrifying bleeding episode early this morning. Woke up at 2 and passed a big clot, about the size of a deck of cars. Had fairly heavy bleeding off and on until around 8. Decided to wait until morning to go to triage and be checked out. Was so grateful nurse found baby's heartbeat right away with doppler. They checked me out thoroughly and say it seems that at some point I bled, but no idea when or why. Today my...
We got the CVS results back today and were thrilled that baby is chromosomally normal, and a girl! Now to have fun thinking about names for a while.
Here's one link that discusses dating briefly:   http://library.med.utah.edu/kw/human_reprod/lectures/clin_radiology/   It indicates that between 6 and 10 weeks, ultrasound dating is accurate to +/- 4-5 days, which is considered "very accurate" by most other sources I've read. Before 6 weeks other indications (not crown-to-rump length) can more accurately indicate embryonic age. Once the embryo becomes a fetus, growth rates start to vary considerably (which is...
Dating ultrasounds are most accurate earlier in the pregnancy than you are now. Your results would mean that you ovulated earlier than typical in your cycle, as odinsmama said, or more likely that you fall within the accuracy band and possibly had a slightly off measurement. A millimeter makes a difference! I'm fairly certain of my ovulation date and had an ultrasound at 11w4d. The first measurement measured 12w4d. The second, slightly different view, measured 12w1d....
For us, absolute necessities are carseat, clothes, diapers, carrier(s) (mainly wrap and ring sling). We also loved our Arms' Reach Co-Sleeper with Caitlin and expect to use it with this one. We never used the crib. A changing pad on top of a dresser has been nice. I've only ever used our stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini) for naps when I wanted to get some exercise during nice weather. We've never traveled with it or used it for shopping, zoo, etc. We always use carriers...
Yes, we'll be finding out with the week. But no, no nursery plans. The nursery is yellow/giraffe, and currently acts as a changing space and clothing storage. Caitlin will hopefully sleep in there before the new baby comes, but new baby won't sleep there any time soon. S/he will be in our room. We both just really, really want to know now. It's a surprise whether you find out during pregnancy or when baby is born, and we enjoy knowing ahead of time.
whoabethy - sperm can survive up to 5 days, so while it's typical to know when sperm entered your body you wouldn't know the conception date unless you were aware of your ovulation date. Given the dates you know, would conception toward the end of that 5 day period from one of the earlier dates make sense? I'm liking wearing maternity clothes (and knit shorts/capris) because in maternity tops I look pregnant instead of just lumpy.
Saw baby today! Heartbeat was in the high 160s and baby was moving all around. Was a brief ultrasound accompanying CVS so we didn't see anything else, but that was great!
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