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Open up a clove of garlic, poke holes in it and put it up there like a suppository.  Yes.   Helped me anyway when I had killer hemorrhoids a while back. 
Pinched/entrapped nerve(s) somewhere in his body?   That is my only guess.  You said you saw a neurologist so that's probably not it.
I have what I would consider greater than normal sensitivity to light.  I can't stand bright sunny days b/c they hurt my eyes and make me feel nervous and nauseated. Good think I live in NE Ohio where it is gray most of the time LOL   It is worse and most noticeable when I have an Epstein BArr Virus flareup.  Have you been tested for that?
don't know if I posted on this thread when it first started but my 8 y/o dd will get bo if she consumes dairy.  We don't do a lot of dairy, but if she has ice cream, milk, cheese, etc.  The odor stops within hours of stopping the dairy (and a good bath, of course ).  She shows no signs of impending puberty.   edited to add, I just realized the original post is over 6 yrs. old.
I'd do ascorbic acid to tolerance . That is the cheapest route.  The first time I 'cured' my ebv I did the oral route and routinely hit 75 -100 grams of c per day without getting to tolerance. The minute I hit tolerance (finally!!!) I immediately started feeling better.  It took about 3-4 months.  I realize that is a lot to ask and that much by mouth is awful and requires a tremendous amount of willpower.    If you can't do the AA oral route, then I'd do the Livon...
a fishy-foul smell to me.
I've not read the thread, just went to to last page, so forgive me if I'm missing something.    REGARDING lypo, IIRC (and that is a big IF) one gram of lypo approximates 5-6 grams INTRAVENOUS.  Is that right?  Check the LIVON website, maybe they'll have info.  You won't (or shouldn't) hit bowel tolerance with lypo, therefore you won't have bloating.  You will just know she is getting better, because, well, she's getting better.  You won't be able to rely on bowel...
I have never gone out without a baby since my first one almost 12 years ago.  In fact I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone out alone in 12 years combined with the number of times dh and I have gone out.  Yep, only need one hand.   I don't mind, I'm a homebody.
My bleeding always stops at 6 weeks pp.  It is pretty heavy until about 4 weeks pp, then tapers off the last 2.
Where in Ohio (if I may ask?)   All my children are very fussy too until a few months in.  Oh well.
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