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Just thought I'd pass this on.  Maybe it has already occurred to you, maybe not.  It didn't occur to me until baby #4 who, like his siblings, hated the car.   When they start to fuss in the car, I put on a radio station that is only static (non working station), and I turn it up LOUD.  9 times out of 10 it calms them almost instantly.  Around here, I find the FM station give off better static (white noise) than the AM stations.   Hope this helps someone.
Has anyone every had this re: breastfeeding.    Often JUST before letdown, I get a heavy felling in my hands and lower arms.  It goes away quickly after letdown.  It isn't painful or anything and if I am not sitting real still (i.e. I'm nursing on the move or talking) I don't even notice it.   Just wondering what this is as it has happened since day one many many years ago :)
Ugh.  I hate dealing with overly concerned inlaws who only want 'what's best for your kid' and then practically accuse you of abuse for not doing things their way.  I feel your pain and angst.   I don't think fevers are a big deal. Period.  Nor do I think most febrile seizures are a big deal.  (throw tomatoes if you must).  It is beyond exceedingly rare that a fever will get high enough  to cause brain damage, the body just doesn't let that happen.  (Though I'm sure...
nak/ I usually get a flare up once a year, maybe every two.  I am on my own more often than not without much (any) help so flareups probably occur more frequently for me than for others.  Certainly during/after any significantly stressful incident  - childbirth, death of parent, homeschooling (don't do this anymore for this reason).  I'm pretty sure my first reactivation (at least in recent memory) lasted about 3 years before I even had a clue what was going on.  I was...
nak/excuse the brevity and typos   I have ebv flareup now and again.  What do you specifically want to know?   When I know I'm in  the midst of a flare up, I take mega amounts of vitamin c (to tolerance), vitamin d and probiotics.  I lay off the wheat and the dairy and take coconut oil AND cod liver oil AND flax oil daily.   I never seem to know when I'm about to get ill until it is too late and yes, the first thing that starts to bother me are the swollen...
Don't be so hard on yourself.  No less than 4 out of my 6 children were HORRIBLE in the car.  To say they hated the car is a huge understatement.  I've pulled over and nursed them more times than I can count and the times I couldn't (which were frequent) we endured the screaming.
don't know if the milk will help, but it will clear on its own.  Most of my children have had the acne.
Here is my own completely unscientific, completely personal and anecdotal experience regarding oversupply.   I have had an over supply with all my children.  HOWEVER, I find when I eliminate foods I am sensitive to, the oversupply is much more manageable and let down isn't so painful.  Keep in mind that anything fermented or yeasty (like beer or bread) can also cause an increase.
I'd try probiotics before I would try prune juice.  There are baby probiotics formulations out there...I think the main one for babies is bifidus....I just use a regular old acidophilus/bifidus blend though with no problems.   Just mix a bit with some breast milk and use your finger or spoon feed her.  I have had very good results.  Also, there is another strain (rueteri?  I'd have to look it up ) that SUPPOSEDLY helps with colic (google colic and probiotics). 
I am very sorry.
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