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Grapefruit seed extract (Yes, I know some consider it not natural), I have used this as a mouthwash with success and I have used it internally with great success   Tea Tree oil applied topically (with a bandaid) is great   Colloidal silver, I used this as a mouth rinse (works great) and topically and taken internally   Hydrogen peroxide, great mouth rinse (I am currently trying to heal my gums and this is part of my regiment) and of course great...
Don't know offhand but poke around on Dr. Brownstein's site and this site (actually has some tables toward the bottom) http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/iodine/ (Linus Pauling Inst) and this site http://www.jcrowsmarketplace.com/lugolssolutionofiodine.aspx has the dosing for Lugol's (though not specifically for children). 
Thanks for the information. My "bread" came out like a brick. And tasted what I think I brick might taste like, too.   I'll check out your link.    
re: baking. I am in the process of making no knead bread (with ezekiel mix, don't know how this will turn out). ANYWAY, I don't have any covered pans and the bread needs to be used for sandwiches and using my covered pyrex won't work for this.   Can I bake this stuff UNCOVERED in a glass loaf pan?   Thanks.  I know next to nothing about baking as I'm rethinking my family's gluten free status.    
HI ladies, I have buckets of ezekiel mix I have to start using.  Is there an easy (no fancy equipment needed) way to sprout this stuff?  Looking on line, looks like I can soak overnight, drain off, then keep covered with moist papertowels until they start to sprout.  Then.....I have to dehydrate before I can grind as flour.  I guess the part that gets me is the dehydrating part.  Seems like a lot of energy required (either dehydrator or over ight in oven) to do...
Among other things involving vitamin c that I did, I soaked my dd and ds in a vitamin c (used ascorbate acid) bath.  I can't remember what I used...1/2 cup per bath maybe.  Cleared after about 5-7 days.  I would also saturate paper towels in a asorbic acid solution and let them sit and watch tv with the paper towels wrapped around their legs and arms.    It is also important to have them take the vitamin c to tolerance (loose stools).  I realize that can be very...
Are there any bird nests on your house, near a vent, near the patio?  Take a good look around.  They could be bird mites.
Coconut oil.  1 TBS 3xday.  Read Sally Fallon "Eat Fat Lose Fat" for more in depth info.
Reassure me, or not.    My ds, 10, is still not retracted, he can retract barely over the tip but that is it. He has NEVER had a single problem with infection, utis, ballooning, redness, etc.    Anyone know an average age of retraction and what I can be on the look out for? Thanks so much.    
I second "The Mood Cure" (and "The Diet Cure"). 
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